Upstairs Downstairs episode 5 (and 4)

I couldn’t summon the energy to write anything about last week’s episode at the time. There was a boxing match and Spargo won the love of Beryl. Also Lady Agnes was getting close to the American guy from a few episodes back and Sir Hallam decided Persie was looking quite appealing.

In last night’s episode it was the turn of mister Prichard to find love with Sarah Lancashire, only she dumped him when she discovered he didn’t fight in the great war and get himself killed in the process.

Agnes took herself and the kids off to the country to avoid German bombs, leaving Hallam to continually enter a room and awkwardly realise Persie was lounging on a settee.

Spargo asked Beryl to marry him and made plans to go to America. Hallam was upset as it seems it’s every Englishman’s duty to stay and get killed in the upcoming war. Sounds like he would get on well with Sarah Lanchishire.

Persie was jealous to hear of the impending Spargo-Beryl nuptials and gave Beryl some night-wear, specifically a garment she had worn herself. So when Beryl goes into Spargo’s room that night wearing said garment he understandably yelps ‘Persie!’ Beryl is not amused to discover hey had ‘done it’. ‘But it was in series one’ he explains.

Next week it appears someone gets shot. I’m reminded of the old saying that goes something like if you show a gun on the mantelpiece in act one you have to use it by act three. Episode one introduced us to the fact that Hallan gave his gun to Art Malek to shoot Germans. Place your bets.