Upstairs Downstairs 6 and not watching Titanic

I had a bit of a dilemma on Sunday night. Which is overstating things a little. But anyway. Here it is: Do I watch the last episode of Upstairs Downstairs or the first episode of ITV’s Titanic. Well I’ve been interested in the sinking of the Titanic for many years so it was a no-brainier.

After two minutes of Titanic I decided it was the wrong decision and quickly changed over to BBC1. There was Hallam’s angst-ridden face filling the screen. Excellent.

While the ITV Titanic was approaching the iceberg (or not) Eaton Place was preoccupied with the small matter of the approaching war. Prichard was still AWOL. Johnny and Spargo had army medicals to go to. Wedding plans continued for the Beryl/Spargo union.

Meanwhile here comes the laundry. Agnes decided to pitch in and read the note from the laundry people. It goes something like ‘sorry we can’t get the lipstick off’. Next thing you know there’s a Persie-Agnes fight. Then it turns out that Persie has been spying or something. She is friendless and alone.

There was a nice little moment with the staff walking out of the house on to the street to watch the blackout start.

Don Draper made a guest appearance. Not really, but that American was driving along to see Agnes and he was wearing sunglasses and I thought, ‘hey, it’s Don Draper’.

Spargo got the marriage licence sorted and ran back to the house. Beryl was getting her wedding dress fitted. ‘Get us the pruning shears, Spargo, they’re in the living room, where Persie is sitting alone’.

‘Ok’ says Spargo. So now I know someones getting shot.

In the living room there’s Persie with a gun. ‘Give us the gun’, pleads Spargo. In walks Beryl.


Beryl is shot! (But it’s just a flesh wound. And she gets better.)

In the middle of the Beryl-being-shot situation Persie calmly walks out to the balcony and topples over to her doom. They all get over it quickly.

But here comes the war.

The Chamberlain speech on the radio announcing the war didn’t sound right. I think they got some actor bloke and recorded a new one. What’s next for series three? Recording new versions of Churchill’s speeches by Hugh Grant?

But overall it was an entertaining episode and I look forward to series three if it happens, and hopefully Jean Marsh will be feeling better by then. Nice to see her, albeit briefly, in this episode.

I should note that every now and then I would turn over to ITV to see it the Titanic was sinking. However my brief glimpses only showed me adverts, rich people dancing, more adverts, and more rich people. No sign of the ship actually sinking. Epic fail ITV.