Total Recall tie-in by Philip K Dick

I just spotted this book today on Gollancz is putting out a Total Recall paperback next month to tie-in with the new movie. The author is given as Philip K Dick so I assume it will be a collection of short stories including We Can Remember If For You Wholesale, upon which the movie is based.

There is precedent for this. Back in 2002 when the Tom Cruse Minority Report movie was out Gollancz published an inexpensive Minority Report collection in hardback with a movie poster design on the dust jacket. It contained the title story and some other PKD stories that had been adapted as movies. In fact I think it probably included We Can Remember If For You Wholesale.

They did something similar in 2004 when the Ben Affleck movie Paycheck was released, although I mainly remember Paycheck as being “the PKD movie that wasn’t as good as Minority Report“.

Going back a bit farther, when the original 1990 movie of Total Recall staring Arnie came out there was actually a novelisation written by Piers Anthony based on the script.

Heres the cover of the new edition.


And will the movie be any good? I don’t know, although Kate Beckinsale is in it. I like Kate. She’s pretty.

Here’s the movie poster so we can (a) compare and contrast with the book cover and (b) admire Kate.


Update: I’ve seen the book in a couple of bookshops and it turns out it’s essentially volume 5 of Dick’s collected stories which was originally published years ago as We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.