The Prisoner title sequence location visit

Recently I was in London for the first time in many years. I decided to take the opportunity to look for a location that appears in the opening credits of the 1960s TV show The Prisoner. In the show Patrick McGoohan’s unnamed secret agent Number Six is kidnapped from his London home after he resigns from his employers.

I always wondered where his London home was and I discovered that the address is 1 Buckingham Place and it was very close to where I was going to be getting off my train at Victoria Station.

So here is the location as filmed in 1967 and as it appears in the opening credits…


And here it is in August 2013…


I was very excited to see the red post box was still there!

Later in the sequence Number Six gets gassed and there is a “woozy” effect of the tower blocks outside as he goes under…


I took a quick snap of the surviving tower block across the street. I decided not to simulate any woozy effects. But go ahead and tilt your head back and forth if you feel like you want to.


Here is Buckingham Place on a Google Map in case you are interested in going there yourself.

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And now enjoy the opening credits in full accompanied by the wonderful Ron Grainer theme tune.