The Avengers + UK = Avengers Assemble

And all of a sudden it’s just a couple of months until Marvel’s The Avengers hits the big screens.

Sorry, I should say Avengers Assemble, as apparently that’s what the movie poster will say in the UK. I assume this is to avoid confusion with TV shows that feature bowler-hatted gentlemen with umbrellas and cat-suited ladies fighting.

Actually this movie will have a cat-suited lady fighting so I guess they might be on to something there. In any case I think I like the title, although I’ll probably still refer to it as The Avengers.

On to the poster itself…


Honestly I’m left a little underwhelmed. It just feels like Michael Bay was the art director and left a memo on his desk saying ‘We need LOTS of STUFF BLOWING UP!! And make sure Robert Downey Jr is at least TWICE AS BIG as everyone else.’ I’m reminded of the story about James Cameron’s reaction to the Aliens poster. He apparently said he could do better and came up with a black poster with the word ALIENS on it. The thing is it worked! Brilliant.

At least Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is just about visible and is in a normal pose. There was some hilarity online last week when a poster appeared in which she managed to show off her button and top bits at the same time.

Apparently there’s a new trailer tomorrow…