The Amazing Spider-Man

This summer in the midst of the whole Avengers/Dark Knight excitement I found I couldn’t really be bothered to actually go and see the new rebooted Spider-man. After all, the Toby Maguire movies did such a great job. Well two of them did anyway. Plus I am unapologetically a fan of Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane.

The blu ray of The Amazing Spider-Man was released last week and I found I was interested enough to take a chance on it and I bought it.

The first thing I noticed was how different the tone of the movie was. There has been a real effort on the part of the film-makers to make the movie seem more grounded in reality. In contrast the other Spider-man movies were a little more colourful and comic-booky.

There’s an interesting prologue with Peter’s scientist parents taking off and leaving him in the care of his aunt and uncle. There is the implication that someone is looking for Peter’s father’s research materials but that plot thread isn’t really followed up.

Then we get a retelling of the origin story, i.e. being bitten by a spider, uncle Ben getting shot and Peter designing a costume and and learning to use his powers. Andrew Garfield plays Peter as more of an outsider than a studious nerd type.

The love interest in this one is Gwen Stacey who in the comics was the love of Peter’s life before Mary Jane was the love of Peter’s life. It’s nice to the story in the correct order ths time around. Meanwhile there is no sign of Mary Jane or Harry Osborn in this movie.

I’m not familiar with Emma Stone but I liked her Gwen Stacey. I’m very interested to see where the writers take this and if they stick to her fate in the comics. Also nice to see her father ‘captain’ Stacey taking a large role in the movie.

And finally we get Doctor Curt Conners aka the Lizard. The one-armed Connors got a mention in the first Toby Maguire movie before actually appearing in episodes 2 and 3 so it’s nice to see him finally take center stage. As in he comics he is trying to grow back his missing arm by using reptilian DNA.

Watching the blu ray extras confirmed that a lot of the spider stunts were actually performed by stuntment and not cgi. Quite refreshing in this day and age.

Overall I was quite impressed with the reboot. It does have to retread familiar ground but does it in a fresh way.

And I think that next time around I may just bother to go and see the next movie in the cinema.