The 100 Season 2 Episode 9 Remember Me

So Finn is dead at Clarke’s hand to spare him a grizzly burning to death situation. She talks to the Grounder commander to see if the long awaited truce is on. She’s keen to go attack Mount Weather already. The commander agrees that the truce will begin when they burn Finn’s remains along with his victims back at the village.

Clarke tells her people this. Raven in particular is not happy with this development. Clarke overrules everone and says they must go to the village to see the ritual and start the truce.

Abby has major reservations about doing this deal with the commander. “She’s a child. They’re being led by a child,” she says of the commander to Marcus out of Clarke’s earshot.

“So are we,” replies Marcus simply, referring to Clarke

The Ark party set off with the Grounders to return to the massacre village. On the way Bellamy expresses a desire to try to get into Mount Weather to gather intelligence. Clarke says no and admits it’s because she doesn’t want to loose him too.

Along the way Clarke keeps seeing a ghostly Finn. He just stares back and says nothing.


The vampire looking president’s son in Mount Weather is told that the Grounders have not attacked the Ark people as expected. Obviously the Mountain Men are keeping a close eye on the outside. Perhaps they can sabotage a potential truce…

When Clarke’s party get to the massacre village some of the villagers are understandably not happy to see the “Sky People”. One Grounder man speaks up against the commander who sets her big hairy guardian dude on him. He starts beating the man to a pulp until Clarke tells the commander how the Ark people will be blamed for his death too.

In Mount Weather Jasper and Monty are trying to work out how to send a radio signal to the outside. Monty disguises himself in a radiation suit and gets the control room all to himself under the pretext of a decontamination. He manages to turn off the jammer and transmit a recorded message. But he’s found out and captured.

In the Grounder base there is to be a feast to celebrate the new truce. Marcus passes a bottle of some unspecified booze across as a gift. The commander gets her hairy guardian to take a drink first to ensure its not poisoned. Clarke is about to drink hers when the hairy dude convulses. Someone finds a vial of poison in Raven’s backpack. Well that feast is quickly over. The Grounders lock up the Ark people while they discuss how to kill them. Lincoln wants to act as a mediator but is considered “one of them”.


They decide to kill Raven for the attempted assassination. They tie her to a stake and start cutting her with knives. Hairy healer dude suggests to Lincoln that he and the Ark people should leave while they still have a chance.

As this is going on Clarke is off by herself, almost catatonic with the thought of how it’s all gone wrong. Then ghostly Finn looks down at the poisoned cup lying on the ground. Clarke snaps into action and runs outside. She gets the bottle of booze and drinks from it in view of the commander and the others. She doesn’t get sick. The poison was in the cup already she declares.

But who put it there? Clarke remembers the hairy bodyguard searched Raven’s stuff as they entered the village. The commander confronts him and he admits he was trying to destroy the truce because the Sky People are not to be trusted.

So now it’s his turn to be tied to a tree and cut with knives. Raven observes and realises the fate Finn had in store and why Clarke had to kill him. Finally the hairy bodyguard tells his commander to be strong and she sticks a big sword through his chest. Nice.

Afterwards Clarke realises that she needs to be more like the commander and not put personal feelings in the way of what needs to be done. By now they have heard Jasper’s radio message and she tells Bellamy he needs to get into Mount Weather and report back.

In Mount Weather Monty is put in a cage. No doubt a spot of bone marrow harvesting is in store.

A solid if not Earth-shattering episode. The main development is perhaps Clarke deciding to not let friendships stop her from what doing what needs done, no doubt as a coping mechanism for having to kill Finn. Also of interest is the correct observation made by Marcus that Clarke is actually in charge,