The 100 season 2 episode 3

The episode starts by picking up with Clarke’s discovery of the captive Grounders in the Mount Weather facility. She frees Anya, the Grounder leader she encountered previously. They get out of the cage area but find themselves in what turns out to be a disposal chute, sort of like the one in Star Wars, only this one deposits them on a pile of barely alive bodies.

Yes, this show has been getting dark. And it seems it will go darker still…

Some reaper cannibal dudes appear in the tunnels under the mountain so Clarke and Anya hide in an old mine car kind of deal. The reapers start tossing bodies from the disposal pile on top of them. So it would seem that the bunker people are using the reapers as a disposal mechanism.


Clarke and Anya escape from the mine car and go deeper into the tunnels to try and find a way out. Clarke wants to team up with Anya but the latter is not impressed.

Back at the Ark camp Marcus, the guy who wasn’t the chancellor but thinks he is, decides to punish doctor Abby for letting Bellamy go and supplying the kids with guns. She is given ten lashes with the pain stick. (“No! Not the pain stick!”) But later he tells Abby he is taking a captive Grounder to go and make peace with the Grounders and will try to get the other kids back.

Bellamy and his gang use Murphy (the guy from Continuum) to find a Grounder camp. They see a one-eyed Grounder with Clarke’s watch. They capture him and take him back to a bomb shelter to question. He draws them a map that will supposedly take them to Clarke and the others.

They then argue about what to do with the captive. Bellamy surprisingly is the voice of reason and wants to leave him tied up. Finn however is talking with his fists and just wants to shoot him. The argument continues until Finn just shoots the guy.


See, I’m impressed that the writers have made the “nice boy” turn nasty. This show is throwing up a few surprises.

Elsewhere Octavia shadows the Lincoln Village Grounders (huh, sounds like a seventies pop group) who are looking for their people who where taken by the reapers. Initially the Grounder leader lady wants to kill Octavia but eventually she agrees to let Octavia “help”, i.e. play dead as bait for the reapers. They do manage to free four captive Grounders including the hairy healer guy (who Octavia took captive last time despite him being twice her size) but unfortunately there is no Lincoln among them. Octavia is upset and cries. But at least she is now allowed to tag along with her new Grounder gang.

Back with Clarke. Anya leaves her alone and Clarke gets surrounded by reapers. Just as she is about to be eaten some bunker people appear in radiation suits and repel the reapers with some sonic devices.

(Clarke is unaffected so do the reapers have implants or something?)

The bunker people capture Clarke and are going to return her presumably to have her blood extracted as she knows too much to rejoin her people. Then Anya returns and attacks the bunker people and Clarke gets loose. Anya leads her to the way out.


“Way out” being a hole in the wall of a dam hundreds of feet above a lake. Anya jumps into the water far below and Clarke has no choice but to follow when more bunker people appear.

When she comes to later she thanks Anya only to get knocked on her head for the trouble. It seems Anya still bears a grudge about the small matter of 300 of her people getting fried by Clarke’s “let’s set off the rocket engines” plan.

Back in the bunker tunnels a suited bunker person is looking at new captive Grounders. Most are being sent to “harvest” in other words have their blood extracted. But there’s Lincoln! And it looks like they have something else in store for him…

This was a very strong episode. I’m enjoying how lots of different factions are coming into play. Also I’m a little (pleasantly) surprised that the makers have their attractive young cast covered in blood and mud for the running time of the episode in a nod to realism.

It’s also nice to have the adults on the surface now too, apparently for the long run as the wreck of the ship seems to be around for the foreasable future. The decision to punish Abby in accordance to the old rules of the Ark, where out of necessity the tinest infraction could get someone killed, was a nice bit of dubious morality thrown into the mix.

And I’m enjoying both Octavia and Clarke having the opportunity to go all Ripley.

Really, this show is turning out to be unexpectedly really very good and for me unmissable.