The 100 season 2 episode 2 review

The first thing I need to remake on is that there appears to be a nifty new credits sequence at the start of the episode. At least I don’t remember the earlier episodes having the sequence. It shows some ruined future Earth landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. It really gives a feeling of a larger scale for the show. Anyway, I liked it.

So, on to the episode… Clarke is still suspicious of the bunker people. All her buddies are happy to be there. There’s even some pillow fights and arm wrestling going on. At one point Clarke sees some injured bunker personnel being worked on and one guy in particular has very bad burns.

Everyone is getting annoyed at her continual suspicions. Jasper (I think his name is Jasper, the guy who got speared in the chest by the Grounders) tells her she’s making things worse for them. More on Clarke later…

Octavia wakes up at the Lincoln memorial waiting for (the other) Lincoln to get back with some antidote. Some hairy dude turns up with the antidote instead. Turns out Lincoln was his friend and got the hairy healer to do this favour for him. But Lincoln is in trouble back at his village because helping Octavia caused some Reaper problems. So what is a girl to do? Octavia goes totally badass on this hairy guy who is twice her size and takes him prisoner. She goes back to the village and demands Lincoln is freed in return for the hairy healer dude. The boss lady of the village agrees and meets Octavia at the Lincoln memorial for the prisoner swap. Then the Reaper guys attack and capture Lincoln.

But seriously, we are meant to believe Octavia can capture a big hairy grounder dude? Never mind. Moving on…


The Ark adult type people are setting up camp. The guy who isn’t the chancellor is taking charge. Abby has to operate on Raven without anaesthetic to get a bullet out from near her spine. Abby wants to look for Clarke and the others but after some guard people get crucified by Grounders the boss guy says no. So Abby frees Bellamy and the guy from Continuum to go and look for the others.

Up on the space station the chancellor is hearing things. Or his he? He goes looking and finds a baby in a cupboard, apparently forgotten about in the evacuation. He decides to try and get the baby to the surface using an unfired missile left over from before the nuclear war. Problem is the missile is on the other side of the station and he will have to make a spacewalk.

He straps on an old spacesuit with the baby inside only to find the helmet has a crack in it. Nevertheless he opens the door to get whooshed out with the remaining air.

I loved this bit. It was (I am sure deliberately) reminiscent of 2001 A Space Odyssey. As he zooms across the intervening space to the opposite side of the wheel his helmet inevitably cracks. He makes it to the door and shoots through, grabbing the handle to close the door and fill the airlock with air. Just like Dave Bowman did in 2001. The composition of the shot was quite similar.

He opens his spacesuit to check on the baby, only to discover… No baby! He was imagining it after all due to oxygen deprivation. Then his dead son appears. The baby was his son! Head slap! His son tells him to use the missile to get to the surface. Somehow the plan works.

I also like playing Spot the Battlestar Galactica Reference. There were a few more nods in this episode. We now have one of the Final Five Cylons, Tori, working as a doctor in the bunker place. Mister Gaeta is still hanging around with the Ark people. Also some of the cgi space effects shots had the patented BSG shaky camera and zoom-in effect going on.

Back to Clarke in the bunker. It looks like she is gradually accepting the world of pillow fights and arm wrestling. She eventually scrunches up the escape map she’s been working on. Then she sees the burned guy from earlier. He’s still a bit burned but a lot less than when she saw him before. What is going on? She follows him to the medical area. This is off limits to her. What to do…

She still has her arm stitched up from cutting it when escaping from her room last time. She basically self harms by ripping open the wound. Ew!

Clarke wakes up in the medical lab patched up. She sees other patients from the bunker getting some sort of blood transfusion. But where is the blood coming from? She follows the tubes to another area and sees a couple of unfortunate folk getting their blood drained. And then in another area there are lots of cages filled with captive Grounders, including the female leader of the Grounders she encountered before.


So I was sort of right, the bunker people are kind of cannibals or vampires!

I have to admit I had a vampire clue in the first episode of the season when a bunker girl was given some sort of mysterious blood transfusion.

In any case it was a great cliffhanger that tells us a lot about the bunker people and what they have had to do to survive. They never venture outside except in radiation type suits and they must capture Grounders to live off heir blood. So they are sort of vampires.

Anyhow, I look forward to Clarke going all badass and blowing up the bunker. As Corporal Hicks says in Aliens, “it’s the only way to be sure.”