The 100 Season 2 Episode 15 Blood Must Have Blood Part 1

And so we come to the first part of the two-part season finale.

Bellamy is in the harvest chamber and he starts freeing the Grounder prisoners, including the Grounder chick he met earlier. Then the vampire looking guy comes on intercom with a message for the denizens of Mount Weather. He wants the dissidents to turn in the 44 Ark kids they are hiding. Bellamy knows this will end badly so he leaves the Grounder chick to free her people.


The Mountain guards are doing a door-to-door search. They come to the apartment where Jasper is hiding with Maya. The couple hiding them don’t give them away but a guard spots some water rings from coffee cups on a table and knows there’s someone else there. He is about to shoot the couple when Jasper reveals himself. The guard shoots the couple anyway.

At the Grounder attack camp there is a sort of war council. Clarke gives us a lots of exposition on her plan. Basically there will be different teams who each have different objectives. Raven is going to blow up the turbines at the dam. This will deactivate electromagnetic locks and give them a sixty second window to get the front door opened. The main army will be at the front door as a distraction, meanwhile Octavia will be with Indra’s team going into the Reaper tunnels to kelp the prisoners escape.


In the Mountain Jasper and Maya are being brought down a corridor. Maya’s dad from Continuum and Bates Motel stands in the way. Bellamy helps them overpower the guards. Maya’s dad will take any Ark kids they find down to the harvest chamber to await the escape.

Outside the bomb is placed in a hole drilled in the front door. Now they just have to wait for the power to go off. Raven and her boy toy Wick are in a big turbine room setting explosives but they are discovered by personnel. One of their five bombs gets damaged in the tussles that follow. (By the way, I’m pretty sure it’s the same turbine room as the Alkali Lake turbine room in the movie X-Men 2.)

The vampire looking guy goes to visit his dad. He explains how Mount Weather is up the creek without a paddle. His dad is obviously underwhelmed by his son’s leadership abilities. As the vampire looking guy turns to leave the former president stops him. He obviously has an idea on how they can save their people. But what is it?

Raven only has bombs to blow up four of the turbines. Then she realises that she can deactivate the surge protectors from the fifth turbine and it will destroy itself by trying to do the work of all the turbines. More guards appear and Raven sets off the bombs before she and Wick have time to get clear.

Up top they realise the power has gone off. But when pressing their little remote control button the bomb isn’t doing any actual exploding. They can’t get closer because of gunfire from some Mountain Men in the trees. They need to get closer to the door and there’s a cool sequence where the the Grounders form a shield wall to get a button carrier closer but they are all killed. The seconds are ticking down. Lincoln shoots a fire arrow at the bomb and it destroys the door lock. Lexa takes a group of men to go into the trees and get the shooters.

Bellamy, Maya and Jasper are searching for Monty. They find him still alive. He tells them that the Mountain Men know about the Grounders being feed in the harvest chamber and some guards have gone down there.

In the Reaper tunnels underneath the Mountain Indra tells Octavia that she has been accepted as one of the tree tribe people. This is a big deal for Octavia.

Up top some strong Grounder men pull open the door. The order is about to be given to attack.


Then Lexa comes back from her search for Mountain Men and stops the attack. She has one of the Mountain Men with her.


The door is opened and all the Grounder prisoners walk out. They have been freed. But there are no Ark prisoners there.


Clarke is understandably confused at this development. Lexa brings her up to speed. Basically Lexa has betrayed Clarke and put her people first. The Mountain Men offered the Grounders their prisoners if the Grounders leave them alone. Looks like the alliance with the sky people is toast.


Lexa orders the Grounders to leave and they turn and go. Down in the tunnels Indra hears the retreat horn and orders her squad to retreat. Octavia is obviously not going anywhere as her brother is in the Mountain. Indra is unimpressed and says Octavia is no longer her second and she is no longer of the tree tribe clan people. The few Ark personnel with Octavia also leave and she is left alone in the tunnels.

Bellamy gets to the harvest chamber and finds Maya’s dad from Continuum and Bates Motel dead. There are no Grounders and no Ark people there.


The vampire looking guy tells his father that the Grounders took the deal he suggested. He is now able to go after the few remaining Ark people for their bone marrow.

The episode ends with Clarke left alone at the front door of Mount Weather.

So. Bloody hell! I wasn’t expecting that. And after watching this show for two seasons I should have been ready for reversals and surprises. Still, after last week’s snog session I was expecting Lexa to die heroically protecting Clarke while freeing the prisoners and the alliance put into jeopardy that way. Or something.

So we have Clarke outside the front door, Bellamy in the empty harvest chamber, Octavia in the tunnel and an injured Raven in the turbine room. How can the four of them turn this one around?

Really looking forward to the finale!