The 100 season 2 episode 14 Bodyguard of Lies

We didn’t get an update on Jaha’s Quest in the last episode. This new episode rectifies that. Jaha and his remaining disciples are walking through a sandy area at night. One of the number is telling bad Grounder jokes. He reaches the punchline and boom! They are in a minefield. A lady disciple is upset by this development. Boom. She’s gone as well.

In Mount Weather the vampire looking guy wants the missing 44 ark kids found. Elsewhere inside the mountain Bellamy is running through different levels trying to get to the acid fog machinery. His stolen key-card no longer works. He has a few close calls while being chased.

Back at the ark crash site Raven is trying to find a way to neutralise the fog in time to be of use to Bellamy.

Octavia tells Clarke she has worked it out; Clarke and the commander should have died in the missile strike but got away in time. Therefore Clarke knew and let all the people get killed. Clarke pleads with her to keep the secret or the alliance is over. Octavia grumpily agrees. Lexa is also now aware that Octavia knows the secret. She tells some beardy dude to kill Octavia.


Bellamy goes to visits Maya’s dissident dad from Continuum and Bates Motel. Another guard is there conveniently helping them. Maya’s dad has a convenient map that shows another way to get to the acid fog machines.

It is finally daylight at the minefield. Jaha and his disciples had to sat motionless all night but a sandstorm has wiped out their footprints that could lead them back out.

Clarke stops the big beardy dude from assassinating Octavia. She goes to have a word with Lexa in private and is all forceful and assertive to the extent that Lexa actually backs away from Clarke.

Jaha is making his way through the minefield by using his big messiah staff to probe the sand for a mine. Eventually they get out and over the next sand dune they see twinkling beams of light emanating from somewhere. It must be the city of light, right? They excitedly run up the sand dune to see it…

But what they see is a large field of old solar panels reflecting sunlight. No city, no people. They are discouraged.

With the help of Maya’s dad Bellamy gets to a machinery room with big tanks of acid. He’s on the radio to Raven to see how to turn it off. Back at the Ark Raven and another engineer type dude get him to press buttons on a control panel until they find the maintenance screen that allows the acid to be neutralised. The digital dial on the screen goes to a neutral ph and Bellamy tells them the good news. Raven then fires off a flare to alert Clarke that the acid fog is switched off.

At the Grounder camp Lexa promises not to kill Octavia. She says that in the past they always had to make hard choices to survive. Clarke says that living needs to be more that just surviving. Before you know it this leads to Lexa initiating a Clarke/Lexa snog session. It goes on for a bit. Not sure how comfortable the actresses are doing it but I’m sure it will get the Internet forums buzzing. (It also makes me think that Lexa is not long for this world.)

The snog is interrupted with the news that Raven’s flare has been seen. Hurray for Bellamy. Lexa tells the grounders it’s time to go to war! Off they march singing that “Hey-Ho” song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (I made that last bit up.)


Meanwhile at the Ark Raven and the other engineer dude start snogging and are clearly going to do the business. Right there. On the table. Never mind her leg brace.

But enough of the snogging shenanigans. Now we get to a very satisfyingly tense final act.

Bellamy is waiting it out in the acid fog tank room. He spots a physical gauge on a tank covered with grime. Curious, he wipes off the dirt and sees its the same dial as on the computer screen. But with horror he realises that the actual gauge says the fog is still acidic.

He tries to radio Raven to warn her but he can’t get through. Because we then find out that the vampire looking guy is listening in. A guard says Bellamy’s radio is cut off from the outside. So the Mountain Men faked the acid neutralising screen! Vampire looking guy tells his men to wait for all the Grounder army to get in range before activating the fog weapon.

Guards break in to the fog tank room. Bellamy is now desperate. He knows the fog is being activated but he can see no way to turn off the machines. He does however have a little oxyacetylene torch that he used to get into the room. And there is a big tank over there with an “oxygen” label on it…

Bellamy escapes in vent with some guards in pursuit. One of them follows Bellamy into the vent. Another guard is checking out the room and hears a noise. He looks over to see the oxyacetylene torch burning the oxygen tank. He has just enough time to think “oh, bummer” when we get a mighty boom.

The fog threat has been eliminated. The vampire looking guy orders the fog to be activated and the glum minion tells him it is not working. What other defences do we have, asks the vampire looking guy. Just the door, says the minion. He’s probably thinking “bummer” too.

Back at the Ark Raven and her man friend have finished doing the business. Raven just blanks the dude so he cleverly realises it’s time to leave.

Indra tells Octavia she also knows about the missile strike.


As an epilogue it’s back to Jaha the Messiah on his Quest.

Jaha and his remaining disciples are examining the solar panels on the beach. Jaha wonders why so many of the panels are not broken. Murphy offers to change that and smashes one. Then a little drone vehicle activates and buzzes around them. Then it flies off, presumably under remote control.


They chase the drone to the water’s edge and see it disappear across the water. And wouldn’t you know it there is an old boat conveniently there for them. Jaha says it is all a sign, they are supposed to follow the drone in the boat. They may yet get to this City of Light.


So interesting, it seems they are working up a new faction for us to meet in season 3. Let’s face it, we need one as Mount Weather is surely about to be toast.

Incidentally the episode is apparently called “Bodyguard of Lies”. I believe that is a wartime Churchill quote about the truth needing to be guarded with a bodyguard of lies by using deception operations.

In summary a good episode with a tense final act with Bellamy blowing up the fog tanks. Also it’s nice to see the Jaha storyline getting somewhere.

I believe there are two episodes left this season and presumably they will all be about the attack on Mount Weather.

Will Lexa survive? Clarke’s previous love interests Wells and Finn didn’t.

Will the Grounders find out that Clarke knew about the missile strike? That could break the alliance.

Will any of the Mount Weather dissidents survive, including Maya and her dad? This is a dark show so I’m thinking “toast”.

And is there a City of Light? I guess we’ll see…