The 100 Season 2 Episode 13 Resurrection

The episode opens in the immediate aftermath of last week’s missile attack. You know, the one clarke knew about but allowed to happen anyway. Clarke sees a flaming horse (via CGI, no horses where harmed in the making of this episode) and a person who appears to have an arm blown off.

Lincoln digs out Indra from the rubble. She’s not happy to see him because of the whole reaper thing he had going on.

Shots ring out. The Mountain Men have left a sniper behind to keep the survivors pinned down. Clark and Lexa are in the forest. Clarke hears the shots and wants to kill the sniper.

Abby is helping missile victims. She hears a noise coming from the rubble. She looks in a hole and sees Marcus trapped. Abby goes down the hole to try and help Marcus. Indra tells Octavia that as she is Indra’s second she has to save her people since Indra is injured.


In Mount Weather Jasper and his gang are fortifying the dorm room. It’s nice to see that girl Harper still has use of her limbs after the whole bone marrow extraction process she had suffered. Jasper promises a girl called Fox that she will be ok.

Some Mount Weather guards break into the dorm. They lob in some knockout gas grenades and then dismantle the wall of furniture blocking the way in. Inside the dorm all the Ark kids are lying on the ground. But it’s a trick. Jasper’s folk managed to catch the grenades in buckets of water so they were not knocked out. They spring up and attack the guards with knives. There is much stabbing going on.

The guards decide to retreat but manage to take a prisoner on the way out. Jasper is unhappy to see it is Fox, the girl he promised would be ok. He’s so unhappy in fact he attacks a wounded guard with his big axe.

Back in Ton DC Abby has made her way into the ruins and finds Marcus. He is trapped by a girder. Abby tries to move it but is unable.

Fox is taken to the bone marrow lab. A guard comes in and shoots the Mountain Men. It’s Bellamy in his disguise. He and Maya take Fox away. Bellamy wants to stash her somewhere safe. Maya takes them to her home where her dad is. And hey, her dad is played by that guy from Continuum and Bates Motel. He played Alec Sadler’s son from the future in Continuum. That guy.

Maya conveniently explains that her parents were part of the movement against using Outsider blood. Huh, First I’ve heard of it. Alec’s son says that Fox can stay, but just for one night. Yeah dude, honestly that’s probably all you’ve got left after Clarke gets there and blows you all to hell.

In the forrest Clarke and Lexa are discussing what to do. I feel your anger says Lexa to Clarke like she’s a Jedi or something. Then look who comes along next, it’s Lincoln. That’s awkward, what with Clarke being alive and all when everyone else in Ton DC is toast.

Abby uses a pipe to try and lever up the girder of Marcus but blood starts pumping out of a wound on his leg Apparently it’s the Femoral artery. Best put that girder back.
She is discussing a tourniquet when there’s a Cave in.

In Mount Weather Maya tells Bellamy about trash chute that could be used to get to level 5. Bellamy heads off to check it out when Vampire guy comes down the corridor with his gang. He recognises that Maya and Jasper had a thing going on.

He puts Maya in a radiation suit suit with only 20 minutes of oxygen and sets her down in level 5 which had the radiation breach last week. Vampire guy gets on the radio to Jasper and tells him to surrender or Maya is toast. Dilemma! Jasper must make a choice. Love a good dilemma.

Back at Ton DC the sniper still sniping. But at least it’s now daylight. Octavia wants to get to the crater where the cave in happened but her folk are pinned down.

Maya is reunited with the others on level 5. She tells jasper about Bellamy’s plan with the trash chute.

Abby and Marcus have been trapped by the cave in. Abby admits to Marcus that Clarke knew about the missile strike in advance.

“How could she do something like this?” Abby asks.

As always Marcus gets a good line. “Because she grew up on the Ark. She learned what to do from us,” he replies.

Marcus continues this train of thought by remembering culling 300 Ark folk to save the rest of the population when the oxygen was running out.

This in turn makes Abby remember being responsible for informing on her husband -which got him floated – to avoid panic at his news about the failing life support.

Bellamy makes his way down the trash chute to level 5. Just in time as Maya’s air is almost gone. He and Maya and Jasper go down the chute to another level. Her father is waiting there for them.

Clarke finally reaches the sniper. Lincoln is about the stab the sniper but the sniper produces one of those sonic reaper controller things. He is able to hold Lincoln as a human shield. Clarke is obviously a fan of Robocop as she just shoots the guy through Lincoln’s shoulder.

“Did that make you feel better,” asks Lexa drily.

“No,” admits Clarke.

Still, she’s badass.

With the sniper threat gone Octavia is digging to try and reach the trapped people.

Level 5 is empty when some guards get in. All the kids have used the chute to get to the other level where Maya has organised dissidents families who will help hide the kids until they can escape.

“War is coming,” says Bellamy to remind us of the war that has been coming for weeks already.

And just when all the threat is been sorted out at Ton DC along comes Mr Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica. He turns up to help with some rope. They dig out Abby and Marcus who are still alive. Clarke and the others return. Lincoln makes up with Indra. Abby tells Clarke not to forget they’re supposed to be the good guys.

So a lot going on in this episode, but the overall story is not advanced very much. Actually where was very little of Clarke in this one. The episode moves things on a little but there no major developments.