The 100 Season 2 Episode 12 Rubicon

The Mountain Man that Clarke set free at the end of the last episode is running back to Mount Weather. His air runs out and he crawls towards the hatch. Then we see a figure who leans down and plugs in a fresh air bottle. This figure is not wearing a radiation suit. It’s the vampire looking son of the president! Obviously he’s had the bone marrow treatment so he can survive outside.

Inside the mountain the Ark kids are in lockdown. The doors open and evil doctor Tori from Battlestar enters with some armed guards. They take another Ark kid as a victim. Tori says the kids are important to them.

Back at the Ark crash site Clark is worried that there has been no word from Bellamy.
Raven is looking into blowing up the dam to cut power to the mountain. There is a meeting of the twelve grounder clans imminent and they are all waiting for Clarke to give the go for the attack on the Mountain Men.

Just as Clarke starts to despair Bellamy calls in. Clarke tells him he needs to find the lab where they are taking the Ark kids. Raven has set up some sort of mobile radio link so he can keep in touch on the way.

Clarke wants to buy time. She was supposed to go to the grounder settlement of Ton DC (Washington DC, get it?) for the meeting with the twelve clans (all very biblical). She decides to send Marcus instead.

Abby approaches Marcus before he leaves and gives him a note that Jaha left. He took twelve people and some weapons to go off and find his City of Light. Twelve people, very biblical.

So let’s catch up with Jaha. He and his twelve followers are walking through a desert type landscape. There they find a lone native girl who is struggling with her cart. She says she was traveling with her brother when some Waste-landers attacked. Jaha tells Murphy to give her some water. She says she will guide them to the City of Light.



In the mountain Bellamy is in a ventilation duct making his way to the lab. He knows he’s going in the right direction when he hears the sound of a drill. He is able to listen in and observe what is going on. The guy that Clarke freed, Emerson, is geting the latest treatment. And the kid they took is now dead.

Emerson is telling the vampire looking guy about the grounder army that Clarke made up. The new president says they will take care of things by firing a missile at the impending war council meeting at Ton DC.

So Bellamy hears this and because of the radio link up Clarke can hear it too. (It’s all a bit convenient but I’ll forgive it as it moves things along.) Clarke is horrified at the news about the missile. She decides to go to Ton DC to warn everyone. Bellamy asks about Octavia. Clarke lies to him and says Octavia is not at Ton DC as she does not want him to worry about his sister.

In the Dead Zone Murphy is befriending the native lady. He admits to her that he is a bad guy who has killed people. In return she takes off her glove to reveal her big mutant hand that she has to hide. Murphy says it’s bad ass.

In the mountain some guards come for another Ark person. Jasper tries to organise resistance but is pretty useless. A guard grads him and pulls home to one side and it turns out to be Bellamy in riot gear. He gives Jasper a gun and tells him to fight more effectively next time.

Next we see a guard bringing the former president his meal in a quarantine room where he is being held prisoner. It turns out to Bellamy and he asks the president for help. The president says he might be able to help Bellamy slow down the bone marrow processing but we don’t get to hear what it is.

Clarke arrives at Ton DC. She heads straight for commander Lexa and asks to talk to her alone as she knows that the Mountain Men are probably watching. Inside the subway building she tells Lexa about the missile. Lexa says Mount Weather must not know Clarke has been warned about the missile as it will compromise Bellamy. Lexa says she is going to allow the missile attack to happen while she and Clarke slip away.



Clarke is horrified that they could allow the missile to kill everyone else, including the representatives of the twelve clans. Lexa says Clarke already knows this is the only way. Clarke seems to come to the same conclusion.

Out in the desert Jaha’s group encounters an armed man on horseback. It turns out that the girl with the big mutant hand has tricked them. She holds a knife to Murphy’s throat. Jaha’s people are ordered to to disarm. She then whispers something to Murphy before knocking him out.

Octavia is on patrol in the forest around Ton DC. She finds Lincoln in semi-reaper mode. She manages to subdue him because, hey, Octavia is now seriously badass.

Murphy wakes up. Jaha’s followers are pretty pissed off as they have no food, water or weapons. Some want to go back to the Ark camp. Murphy tells them the girl whispered “Due north” to him. He and Jaha think that is where the City of Light must be. Some of them continue on.

Leaving Ton DC under cover of darkness Clarke sees her mother unexpectedly arrive. She separates from Lexa and goes back to get her mother away from danger.

In the settlement Marcus and Indra confer. No one has seen Clarke or Lexa for a while. They are worried and agree to search the woods.

In the mountain the vampire looking guy orders the missile launch.

This is all getting extremely tense.

The missile launches. It only takes a few seconds of flight to get from Mount Weather to Ton DC.


Ton DC is toast.

Clarke was caught at the edge of the blast. She comes to and finds Abby beside her. Abby realises that Clarke knew about the missile launch in advance. It is safe to say that Abby pissed off with Clarke.

Clark says that Abby can never tell anyone this. If the other clans found out it could destroy the alliance. Abby says she will keep the secret but this is blood that is on Clarke’s hands and it can’t be washed off

In the mountain some guards and evil doctor Tori come for another kid. They select one. Jasper then shoots a guard with his handgun. But the guard looks ok, he must be wearing a bulletproof vest.

After this Tori orders they take Jasper instead. Oh, and search the others for hidden weapons, she suggests.

Jasper is taken to the lift which will take him to the medical level. Just then Tori and the other guards gets sick. It’s a containment breach! We then see Bellamy in a room with machinery where he is messing around with the air filtration system. He has been following the original president’s instructions to slow down the bone marrow processing.

Back in the corridor it looks like Tori is toast as she’s getting covered in radiation burns. She pleads with Jasper. He coldly tells her she must know how important she is to them as she dies. Jasper is able to free his people and they now have control of level 5.

After the containment breach the vampire looking son visits his former president father. It is fair to say he is annoyed. Who did it? he asks. His father won’t tell him anything. Then the vampire looking dude gives his father a bone marrow treatment. You’ll thank me someday, he says.

Back in Ton DC we see Octavia and Lincoln enter the blast zone from the woods, shocked at the destruction. Clarke is there and looks on horrified.

And of course it his all her fault. She was the one who told Emerson about the Grounder army that didn’t exist. This is what provoked the missile attack.

I do love a bit of murky moral dilemma.

So another strong episode. Will the alliance hold out long enough to attack Mount Weather? Will Bellamy free the Grounder captives? Damn, this is a fun show.