The 100 season 2 episode 11 Coup de Grace

After the tense cliffhanger from last week the captured Bellamy is going through a decontamination regime before being brought into the Mount Weather facility. Note, It looks really unpleasant.

Elsewhere in the mountain Jasper is upset about Monty and Harper being missing so he resolves to go and do something stupid.

Outside two Mountain Men in radiation suits are watching Clarke on horseback. One has a gun and it appears that she is the target they have been hunting. Then Octavia appears in Grounder battle warpaint and kicks some serious ass under direction of her new Grounder boss. One Mountain Man gets dispatched and the other one has his suit damaged. Octavia then finds photos of Clarke and Lexa. Clarke has been targeted for assassination.


In Mount Weather Bellamy is put in a cage. He soon makes friends with Grounder Chick in the next cage. When I say friends I mean she only spits at him when she learns his is of the Sky People. He is trying to break his way out of the cage but she tells him to calm down as the Mountain Men pick the strongest candidates.

Elsewhere in the mountain Jasper goes to see the president and demands to know where Monty and Harper are. He grabs the sword on display on the president’s desk and holds it to the president’s throat.


The Ark people want to keep the Mountain Man prisoner alive as he could be useful to finding a way into Mount Weather. Abby is upset that Clarke was targeted by the Mountain Men.

In the cage area someone comes for a prisoner to bleed. They go for Grounder Chick in the cage next to Bellamy. He starts being all active so they go for him instead. They zap him with their taser devices so he’s more manageable. Bellamy is then strung up and they start pumping his blood into someone in medical transfusion room.

As luck would have it Maya is in there looking for a clue as to the whereabouts of Jasper’s friends. She notices the transfusion patient is recovering much more quickly than normal and investigates. She finds Bellamy and realises he is from the Ark. She frees him but a guard called Lovejoy appears. With help from Maya and Grounder Chick reaching out of her cage Bellamy kills the guard. He dresses in the guard’s uniform and disposes of the body. He promises Grounder Chick he will come back and free her.

Maya tells Bellamy that given the limited number of people living there everyone in the mountain will notice a new face. This gives rise to a nice tense scene in an elevator with another passenger becoming aware that Bellamy is bleeding. Yet again Maya saves the day. Quite a useful person to have around is Maya.

Jasper and the president arrive in the medical place where the unfortunate Harper is about to have another bone marrow extraction process performed on her while Monty watches from a cage. The president orders that she and Monty should be freed and Doctor Tori From Battlestar to be locked up. He promises Jasper he and his people will go home.

The president goes to his vampire looking son to have words. He ordered the son to be arrested but the guards do nothing. So it seems we have a coup d’├ętat in the mountain as the men are loyal to the son; they want to go to the surface. Now the vampire looking son is president.


Back at the Ark camp the surviving Mountain Man has been healed from his radiation sickness by a transfusion from an Ark person. He is locked up in an airlock but he refuses to talk. Marcus wants to open the door as an incentive to make him talk but Abby stops him.

Then they get the blood test back. There are genetic markers that indicate he has already had transfusions of Ark people blood from the kids in the mountain. When Clarke hears this she wants to kill him buy opening the airlock door. Again it is
Abby who stops her.

At this point it occurs to me after seeing the vampire looking son take over from his president father in Mount Weather that maybe we will have a bit of a juxtaposition going on with Clarke having a coup of her own…

Back in the mountain Bellamy and Maya are on the on way to the dorm where his people are. They pass a sort of Mount Weather school for small kiddies. One little boy talks to Bellamy and says his father is a guard and has applied to go on missions above ground. Then as the boy walks off Bellamy sees the name tag. It’s Lovejoy. He realises it’s the kid of the man he killed in the cage place.

Jasper returns to his dorm unaware about the coup. He tells his people to get their stuff as they they are going. Bellamy and Maya arrive at a corridor leading to the dorm just as the dorm is put into lockdown. Jasper and the others are locked inside. Bellamy asks Maya to take him to the radio transmitter they rigged up previously.

Bellamy sends a message and talks to Clarke. She asks him to set the caged Grounders free. They are the Trojan horse army already in the mountain.

Then she goes and frees the mountain man in direct contravention to Abby’s decision.

And here comes the coup d’├ętat juxtaposition. Abby is annoyed that Clarke is letting the man go. She wants to keep him prisoner.

“You may be the chancellor but I’m in charge,” says Clarke.
“People will get hurt,” says Abby.
“Not if you get out of my way,” comes Clarke’s reply.
“The Grounders trust Clarke maybe we should too,” murmurs Marcus to Abby.

So just like that we have our Ark coup. Clarke is in charge.

(Clarke is totally badass. I can’t wait to see her go all Ripley on Mount Weather.)

So they let the guy go. Clarke tells him that they have a large Grounder army on the way and the Mount Weather people have this one chance to let their people go. She asks how long it will take to get to the mountain. Apparently it will be eight hours. She then let’s air out of his tanks so he has only six hours of air left. Better get moving, buddy.

So what big Grounder army is that? Clarke says there isn’t one but it will keep Mount Weather looking out to distract them from the army inside.

This was a brilliant episode that moves things along. It is perhaps convenient that Maya is there to give so much help to Bellamy by guiding him through the mountain. But I’ll buy it.

No sign of Lincoln. Or indeed Jaha who is on his quest for the City of Light.