The 100 Season 2 Episode 10 Survival of the Fittest

Ok, this was a strong episode…

Bellamy is with Lincoln heading to Mount Weather as agreed in the last episode. Lincoln disguises himself as Reaper using some animal blood and tribal type markings. The plan is to take Bellamy inside as his “prisoner”. Lincoln mentions how the prisoners were split into two groups, “harvest” and “Cerberus”. Bellamy recognises the mythological reference about the dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld because his mother read stories to Octavia as a child.

This leads them on to the subject of Octavia. Bellamy asks why Lincoln saved her life originally. Lincoln tells a story about finding a “sky person” who had fallen from the Ark in a drop ship. He tried to help the stranger but his father made him kill the man. Nice happy ending there, Lincoln. But I am very intrigued that others may have made it to earth before the 100.

Back at the Ark crash site some Grounders lead by Indra arrive on some sort of “get to know each other” exercise.

They really don’t get on. One Grounder recognises Murphy as they guy who was with Finn during the village massacre. He’s a bit upset that Murphy didn’t intervene to stop Finn. Before you can say “oh dear” a fight breaks out between the Grounder and Murphy and soon spreads.

And I can’t help thinking “that Grounder has a point”.

Elsewhere in the Grounder army camp Clarke is in the war room (well, tent really) with the commander. They are discussing attacking Mount Weather. Clarke is urging that they wait until Bellamy reports back. But the Grounders are impatient to attack. One Grounder guy wants no part of the alliance because his brother was burned all crispy by Clarke when they attacked the drop ship at the end of season 1.

And I can’t help thinking “that Grounder has a point”.


Clarke goes walking through the woods. She realises she’s being tracked by the Grounder who doesn’t like her. Next thing he sends an arrow towards her.

She runs away and takes cover. Someone approaches and Clarke raises her gun. She’s relieved to see that it is the lady Ark solder who is sort of in charge of the Ark military.

She approaches and turns. Bloody hell, she has an arm missing!

“Save yourself,” she says to Clarke before falling dead.

Back at the Ark site the previous Councillor Jaha tries to befriend Murphy, perhaps looking for some ant-Grounder allies. He asks for Murphy to take him to his son’s grave.

Outside Grounders are punching each other in some macho show of strength thing. Ark guards are doing gun shooting practice. One Grounder is interested in the guns. Marcus offers to let him shoot but the Grounder leader Indra says no. Octavia explains how the Grounders have an aversion to picking up guns. The story goes if they pick one up the whole village dies. Apparently this prohibition was planted by the Mountain Men to stop attacks. Marcus muses how Octavia understands the Grounders.

Off in the forrest Clarke is about to be killed by that Grounder dude who doesn’t like her. The commander turns up and saves her. The guy admits to having a quarrel with Clarke but denies killing the soldier lady. The Grounder commander says its up to Clarke to kill him. Clarke seems to be considering shooting him without really wanting to.


Then they are interrupted by a scary animal call. The Grounder commander cuts the dude on the leg so he can’t run and instead will be bait. They run to an old overgrown zoo and it turns out they are being chased by a gorilla. There follows a pretty exciting sequence where the commander almost gets killed but Clarke saves her. They take refuge in an old cage and bar the door with the commander’s sword. (For a moment I thought the commander was going to be toast. On any other show I’d not be all that worried.)

Back at the Ark site Octavia insists on taking part in a Grounder fight and and promptly gets her ass kicked and handed to her.


In the zoo Clarke and the commander talk. The commander says Clarke should have let her die. She says if she died then her spirit will find another commander. Clarke realises she’s talking about reincarnation. The commander asks how Clarke’s people chose a leader but they are interrupted by the gorilla. It’s about to break in so they manage to hide by the door and let it in before getting out and locking the door from the outside.

As they escape Clarke realises that the key to taking Mount Weather is to use the army of Grounders who are already inside. Bellamy will be key to letting the captives escape their cages.

Back at the ark Octavia is getting patched up (and not by Abby who I realise must have this week off). Indra visits and talks to her. Indra is impressed that Octavia didn’t give up. She offers to let Octavia be her apprentice and train her in the ways of the force, sorry, of being a Grounder.

Later Marcus says he wants Octavia to get in with the Grounders so she can report back. She asks if he wants her to spy. He says he just wants her to look out for her own people. She ambiguously says she already is.

Murphy takes Jaha to the drop ship where the dead of the original 100 were buried so he can say goodby to his son. There are an awful lot of burial mounds and it’s a sobering sight. Murphy imparts the pleasant circumstances on how Wells died. He was stabbed in the neck by a twelve year old girl. Why, asks Jaha aghast. Because she couldn’t get to you, responds Murphy.

They spend the night in the drop ship and talk. In the morning a bunch of Ark folk turn up and Jaha tells Murphy he’s taking them to the City of light he heard about in the desert. He asks Murphy to join him on his quest even though he doesn’t know where the city is or how to get there. It appears that Murphy is going to joint him.


Bellamy and Lincoln are finally in the underworld. They discuss the plan. Lincoln will cause a distraction when the door opens and Bellamy will run inside. They hear more Reapers approaching with prisoners and Lincoln is having second thoughts. Bellamy insists they continue on. When the time comes Lincoln will grab the Reaper drug and cause a commotion.

Bellamy is taken to the door with the other prisoners. Some Mountain folk appear in radiation suits and produce the red drug they give the Reapers. They go down the line of Reapers, each of whom kneels to receive the drug. Bellamy eyes Lincoln, waiting for him to cause the commotion.

The suited figure gets to Lincoln. Lincoln hesitates and then kneels. He passively accepts the drug. The final look on Bellamy’s face is priceless as he’s selected for harvest and Lincoln is completely out of it.

That was a very tense minute or two leading up to the cliffhanger because I had no idea of how it was going to go. In hindsight Lincoln’s reluctance to continue with the plan was probably to do with the proximity to the Reaper drugs he was weaned off.

Very strong episode. Can’t wait for the next one.