The 100 season 2 episode 1 review

Suddenly The 100 is back on TV. So suddenly in fact that I completely missed it and ended up resorting to a catchup service.

So here are a few musings on the first episode.

The previous season ended with the surviving “100” folk using the remaining fuel in their drop ship to fry dangerous marauding Grounders into crispy less dangerous Grounders. And the only other thing I remember is main character Clarke waking up in the Mount Weather (former US government bomb shelter/bunker) facility.

So the new episode picks up with Clarke in her cell/quarters. She eventually goes all badass on the window of her cell door. (That reinforced glass sure breaks very easily.) She escapes from her room and eventually finds a bunch of well-dressed folk having dinner with a full on party atmosphere. They get a bit upset at the sight of Clarke and run away fearful of contamination.

Clarke meets the bunker people.

It turns out that survivors of the nuclear war have stayed in the Mount Weather shelter and managed to keep going with hydroelectric power, clean air and water. But exposure to the surface would apparently pretty much kill them. Meanwhile the folk from the space station can survive on the surface because they have lived their lives exposed to high levels of solar radiation. Ok, I’ll take their word for it.

Turns out other 100s are there and are happy to see Clarke. But Clarke remains very suspicious and keeps trying to unsuccessfully escape. Until she does escape she is resigned to eating nice food. And all the bunker folk are friendly towards the 100s when they realise there’s no risk of contamination from them. And they get to play dress up into the bargain.

Clarke meets keypad.

But what’s the twist? There’s always a twist, right? Are the bunker people cannibals? I mean, that’s usually what happens, like in The Walking Dead. I bet they’re cannibals. You’re not eating chocolate cake, Clarke! Put down the spoon!

Up on the surface nice Grounder Lincoln is trying to get some antidote for Octavia’s poison situation. He takes her to a spot (allegedly near his village) which has the actual Lincoln memorial in the middle of a bunch of trees. Hey, that’s why he’s called Lincoln! But hang on, I’ve seen this scene in Logan’s Run. Michael York and Jenny Agutter found the memorial but didn’t know who it was. Oh well.

The guy who wasn’t the main boss Chancellor but has now taken charge. Plus Clarke’s mother, played by that nice Paige Turco from NYPD Blue.

Elsewhere the survivors from the Ark crash-landing meet up with Finn and Bellamy who take them back to the drop ship. There the only 100s they find are Finn’s former engineering-savvy girlfriend from before he fancied Clarke and that dude from Continuum and Bates Motel. The guy who wasn’t the Chancellor on the Ark takes charge and arrests Bellamy for trying to beat up the guy from Continuum, oblivious to what a jerk Continuum-guy is.

So overall it was an entertaining episode. I’m left wondering if the Mount Weather people are indeed cannibals or vampires or something. Or will the twist be that there is no twist.

The President of the bunker people. Probably a vampire or cannibal or something.