Star Wars themed Battlestar Galactica comic cover

I thought this was quite fun.

Dynamite Comics are currently publishing a classic Battlestar Galactica story. Alex Ross is doing the main covers for the issues and the art for issue three looks a little familiar as it’s a homage to the Star Wars poster art variants by Tom Jung and the Hildebrandt brothers back in the the 1970s.


starwars UNI8100B.tif

All very appropriate as Battlestar was clearly inspired by the success of Star Wars.

Anyway, it’s a cool piece of art. I particularly like the squadron of Vipers in the style of the X-Wings. It’s also nice to see Maren Jensen’s Athena appearing on these covers. (I like Athena, She’s pretty.)

Hopefully if the series continues we will see an Empire Strikes Back homage…