Star Trek Starships Collection 25 USS Prometheus

It seems like ages since I last did a post on the Star Trek Starships Collection. Probably because it has been ages. In the meantime my subscription has continued with two new models arriving every four weeks.

I still have grumbles with the quality of the build and usually find something ‘wonky’ to criticise on the models I receive. However the detailed paint schemes are well done. Also the makers have thankfully made the fit of the ships on the stands slightly more secure.

So here’s a few photos of issue 25, the USS Prometheus which originally appeared in Star Trek Voyager. If my memory is correct the Prometheus was an advanced Federation prototype that the Romulans took over and the holographic Doctor was somehow transmitted onto the ship to save the day.

There was some gimmick about the ship being able to split into three pieces. This model is not designed to do that but I’m sure if you knock it off the stand hard enough it will split apart just fine.

On to the photos…