Star Trek Starships 7 Klingon Ktinga Class Battle Cruiser

Here are a few photos of the model that comes with issue 7 of the Star Trek Starships Collection, the Klingon Ktinga Class Battle Cruiser. This is the update of the Klingon design that was seen at the start of Star Trek The Motion Picture way back in 1979.

I was looking forward to this one so I was disappointed to get a “wonky” one. Well, have a look at the first photo and you’ll see what I mean…

On the plus side the detail is decent and the model actually manages to stay on its stand.

20131118-195521.jpg 20131118-195532.jpg

20131118-195514.jpg 20131118-195526.jpg 20131118-195537.jpg 20131118-195545.jpg

Next up is the USS Excelsior from Star Trek III and Star Trek VI.