Star Trek Starships 6 USS Voyager photo review

Issues 6 and 7 of the Star Trek Starships Collection arrived a few days ago and as usual I will do my photo reviews. First up is issue 6 which features the USS Voyager from the Star Trek Voyager TV show that premiered in early 1995.

I should declare from the outset that Star Trek Voyager was never my favourite Star Trek TV show, although it did improve when it reached the fourth season.

Additionally the USS Voyager was one of my least favourite ship designs. The magazine that accompanies the model does show some of the other much better designs which almost made it to screen before the makers decided to change their minds. I would say that the pre-production ship design section is one of the most interesting things about the magazine.

Allowing for my lack of enthusiasm for the show and the ship I wold say this is a decent model of the Voyager. It’s a good size although it seems lighter than the Enterprise NX-01 model.

20131110-120127.jpg 20131110-120138.jpg

20131110-120146.jpg 20131110-120155.jpg

20131110-120203.jpg 20131110-120210.jpg

The other model that arrived was the Klingon battle cruiser from the opening of Star Trek The Motion Picture which I will cover in a later post.