Star Trek Starships 5 Romulan Warbird photos

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get around to it but finally here are a few photos of the Romulan Warbird from Star Trek The Next Generation that comes with issue 5 of the Star Trek Starships Collection.

Here are a few photos of the model.

20131021-205759.jpg 20131021-205809.jpg 20131021-205817.jpg 20131021-205823.jpg 20131021-205830.jpg 20131021-205837.jpg

Honestly, if you had asked me to list my most desired ships in this series then the alien ones would come well down the list. But I have to admit that this ship is pretty nice.

My only criticism is that if the model is tapped slightly then it has a tendency to move forward and then fall out of the stand.

Next up is the Voyager.