Star Trek Starships #4 Enterprise NX-01

It’s been a long wait between issues 3 and 4. It’s around 13 months actually. Finally issues 4 and 5 of the Star Trek Starships Collection have arrived.

(As predicted I had trouble with my subscription. I was promised my original subscription would automatically pick up again with issue 4. I finally had to phone the helpline and I discovered they had no record of my subscription and I had to subscribe again. Never mind…)

So here are a few photos of issue 4, the Enterprise NX-01 from the TV series Enterprise (which was eventually renamed Star Trek Enterprise in case viewers got confused).

My first reaction is to say that this is really a pretty nice model. It’s a decent size at roughly 13 x 8 cms and there is some very impressive detailing on the saucer section with lots of Aztec patterning visible.

It’s a damn sight more impressive than the tiny blue USS Enterprise from the original movies which had very little in the way of detail.

Here are a few photos of the model. Hopefully some of the detail comes through.








Honestly, from the first four models this is easily my favourite. I hope they can replicate some of the attention to detail on future models such as the USS Reliant and the USS Excelsior.

Also in the box today was the Romulan ship from The Next Generation. I’m off to have a look at it next.