Star Trek Into Darkness trailer and poster

Has it really been four years? I guess it has. The second instalment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise is here. At least the teaser poster and trailer are anyway.

Trailer first of all…

The speculation is that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing either (a) genetic superman Khan from original series episode Space Seed and of course the original second movie The Wrath of Khan, or (b) Gary Mitchell (Starfleet chum of Kirk who gets God Like Powers) from the original second pilot episode Where No Man Has Gone Before.

If those are the only two options then I’m going for Gary Mitchell because we see The Batch in a Starfleet uniform and we also see Alice Eve in the trailer looking like this:


While in Where No Man Has Gone Before we see Sally Kellerman playing Dr Elizabeth Dehner looking like this:


Notice The Similar Hair-Dos!

Of course it could all be misdirection and Alice Eve could be playing Carol Marcus from The Wrath of Khan. But hey, speculating is fun.

Elsewhere in the trailer we see what appears to be the Enterprise rising out of the sea, and not actually doing much actual spacey stuff.

Meanwhile the teaser poster seems to portray future London and The Batch again.