Star Trek Into Darkness new trailer and poster

A new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has turned up on the Apple site that is (a) teasing out some plot information and (b) has less goofy faces. (Yes, Pegg, I’m talking about you.)

So what do we know?

  • The Batch is playing a “Federation agent”.
  • He’s badass.
  • Peter “Robocop” Weller is be in it. (He was in the Enterprise tv show, fact fans.) He seems to be playing a Starfleet officer.
  • The Enterprise does a spectacular crash into the ocean. But probably gets better.
  • Alice Eve strips down to her undies.
  • The Batch is escorted by red shirts. I bet he kills them.

So, in summary… Fascinating

Also a new poster has appeared that is the definition of Meh. Seriously, there is nothing remotely ‘Star Trek’ about it. Which is probably the point.