Star Trek Discovery episode 8 review

Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure what to make of this episode.

At the start of the episode we see the Discovery jump into action to try to save the USS Gagarin from the Klingons. But the Klingon’s stealth technology gives them the upper hand and the Gagarin is unfortunately toast. The Discovery barely jumps away in time.

The main plot has Burnham, Saru and Ash Tyler beam down to a planet that has little bits of blue fairy dust going on. They want to use this naturally occurring crystal tower thing to send a signal into space that will make the Klingon ships visible. Somehow. It’s kind of hand waved.

So Saru is able to communicate with the fairy dust creatures who it turns out are sentient. Therefore it means they have to get their permission to use their planet. But somehow Saru is changed and he wants to stop Starfleet from using the crystal tower thing. He destroys Burnham’s and Tyler’s communicators.

Burnham heads to the crystal tower to use that to contact the Discovery and Saru goes after her, using his running-really-fast powers. They fight. Burnham prevails and asks the fairy dust creatures to help them beat the Klingons. The fairy dust creatures allow her to contact the Discovery.

But what’s with Saru, was he under an alien influence? It turns out he wasn’t. In fact this was the first time in his life where he didn’t feel fear. It kind of went to his head and he wanted to stay on the fairy dust planet.

But things get really confusing over on the Klingon ship. That Lady Klingon turns up and says she wants to join Kol. In return she will use her expert interrogation techniques to get info out of the lady Starfleet admiral that they captured a couple of weeks back.

So Lady Klingon right away tells the lady admiral that she wants to defect to the Federation. Huh? This is a trick right? Or is she serious? It’s not made clear.
She and lady admiral escape by basically walking down a corridor. Some other Klingons see them so Lady Klingon has to pretend to fight lady admiral and throws her into a wall. Apparently killing her? Or is she just stunned? Or is she faking it? Hey, is she actually dead? It’s not made clear.

Lady Klingon drags lady admiral’s body to the place where they dump bodies. Klingon ships have place for that it seems. There Lady Klingon sees bodies of her former comrades and vows revenge. I think she kind of leaves the admirals body there. So maybe the admiral is actually dead? It’s not made clear.

Lady Klingon goes back to Kol and says sorry about killing the admiral but I did get some info. He welcomes her to his crew. And then promptly says she betrayed him. So he knew all along? It’s not made clear.

The episode ends with Burnham and the others back on the Discovery. She thinks the fairy dust aliens will help them fight the Klingons. But Lorca tells her instead they sent out a signal inviting Kol to the planet so he can make friends with the Discovery. Oops.

So it wasn’t a terrible episode. There’s some good stuff in there, especially with Saru’s character development. And the Klingon stuff is potentially interesting. However I would have liked things to have been a little clearer about what was going on. And to be honest blue fairy dust aliens don’t really work for me.