Star Trek Discovery episode 5 review

Lorca is off meeting some admiral to discuss the war. She tells him he needs to give the spore drive a rest as it is Starfleet’s one secret weapon. On the way back to the Discovery Lorca’s shuttle gets captured by Klingons.

PLOT HOLE ALERT – This begs the question why not just meet the admiral by hologram? Or she could have sent an email. “Dear Captian Lorca. Give the spore drive a rest. Thanks.”

Anyway on board the Klingon ship Lorca is chucked into a cell with none other than Harcourt Fenton Mudd from the original series. From time to time Klingons come to the cell and demand the prisoners choose their pain, namely pick who’s in for a kicking. Mudd has played the system well and always picks some other poor devil.

The Klingons interrogate Lorca about the Discovery’s special abilities and torture him by using bright lights.

Mudd is scathing about Lorca, claiming that at the start of the war Lorca abandoned his ship and crew. Lorca says he blew up his ship to save his crew from being captured by Klingons.

On Discovery they are looking for Lorca’s position. Saru has doubts about being captain. Later he tells Burnham he resents that he lost his chance to learn from Georgiou as Burnham did. At one point he looks up a list of the best Starfleet captains and its fun to see the names Jonathan Archer, Robert April, Christopher Pike and Matt Decker there.

At one point Tilly drops the F-bomb. This is a first for Star Trek. The Guy Who Isn’t Alan Tudyk then also drops it just in case we didn’t hear it correctly. For a moment it looks like they want to turn to the camera and say, “Yeah, you f***ing heard right, we just said f***. What the f*** do you think of that?”

Saru demands the JJ Abrams Inspired CGI Creature be made to work. But it kind of gets sick and shrivels up into a CGI blob. Instead The Guy Who Isn’t Alan Tudyk injects himself with some technobabble and takes the place of the JJ Abrams Inspired CGI Creature so the spore drive will work.

Lorca returns from Klingon torture and reveals that Mudd’s pet insect has a Klingon transmitter in it allowing the Klingons to listen into the prisoners.

PLOT HOLE ALERT – This doesn’t make any sense as it’s a Klingon ship. What’s to stop the Klingon’s listening in via a microphone in the walls or something?

Lorca and another Starfleet bod escape from the Klingon ship, basically because Lorca is badass. Lorca leaves Mudd behind because of the Mudd Insect Incident. Discovery arrives and rescues Lorca.

Saru tells Burnham to get the JJ Abrams Inspired CGI Creature all better so she ejects it out of the airlock where it unshrivels itself and flies off into space.

What the actual hell? Someone wrote this? And everyone else liked it?

The Guy Who Isn’t Alan Tudyk is washing is teeth with his husband, the doctor (who probably has a name but I can’t remember it as he hasn’t been given anything more interesting to do than wash his teeth). They leave the bathroom and the reflection of Not Alan Tudyk stays behind.


So plot holes, F-words and CGI nonsense aside this was an ok episode. Methinks Mudd must return…