Revolution season 2 episode 6 review

This episode picks up right after the last one where Monroe had just assassinated John Fry of Texas. Monroe and Miles fake evidence to blame the Patriots. Shortly the Texas Rangers appear looking for John Fry and when they find the body they leave.

Stephen Collins is annoyed with the fake grining that is going on between Rachel and Charlie. They still have not made up after the whole “Charlie brought back Monroe alive” situation.


Monroe is in his secret house outside town. He captures and interrogates another Patriot soldier and gets some good intel.

Back east Tom Neville and the patriot lady are on the run. She tells him about the brainwashed cadets the patriots produce. Tom’s son is one of the cadets. They get attacked by cadets and have to run.

Rachel and Miles argue about using Monroe and his methods to fight a war of resistance against the Patriots.

Monroe is hanging out in his secret house when a grenade is thrown in. He runs outside only to be surrounded. Surprisingly the Patriots and Texas Rangers are working together and capture Monroe in his formerly secret hideout. And after the trouble he took to frame the patriots! I hate when that happens…

A convoy approaches the town and the townsfolk look on. Monroe has been brought in a cage. Miles and Charlie are annoyed by this development.


Aaron Google is sitting in a bar doodling on an old Human Torch comic. (Human Torch, fireflys, toasted patriots… Get it?) A Press lady sits next to him and remembers doing a feature on Aaron before the blackout. She explains how she is here with the Texas boss guy to write about an alliance between the Texas government and the Patriots. A rudimentary newspaper industry has got going as politicians still like to read about themselves.

Meanwhile Miles is thinking about how to break Monroe out of jail.

The first Lost-style flashback shows us Miles and Monroe after the blackout but before he started a fascist dictatorship. The discuss attacking another camp to get food.

Miles is all set to bust Monroe out of jail but before he knows it he sees Monroe being moved to the bank which will be harder to break him out of.
Rachel says she tipped them off to prevent Miles and Charlie getting caught or killed by the Patriots. Monroe is to be executed at midnight.

Tom Neville and the Patriot lady fight with Tom’s son in some old building. The manage to capture Jason who is all brainwashed and doing a Terminator thing.

Another flashback. Monroe’s girlfriend is pregnant and dies in childbirth. Flashback Monroe is upset by this development.

Miles visits Monroe in his makeshift cell. Monroe is resigned to die and tells miles that he has a son that he didn’t know about with Miles’ girlfriend. Miles tells Monroe he knows. The girlfriend told miles about the baby and he got the kid safely away from Monroe. Monroe is upset by this development.

But he doesn’t have too much time to dwell on it as he is taken to the courtroom to get his lethal injection. And none other than Rachel and Stephen Collins are there to administer the dose. Monroe dies. Miles and Charlie look slightly upset.

In the final flashback Miles discovers that Monroe attacked the other camp and executed everyone.

Tom and his son talk. Jason says he’s a T-800 sent back from the future by Skynet to kill Sarah Conner. Ok, not really.

The big shock is that it turns out that Stephen Collins is helping the Patriots and informed on Monroe to stop the war between Texas and the Patriots. He’s also doing this to protect Rachel and Miles.

Zeljko Ivanek turns up in town. I point out that he played bad guys in 24 and Heroes. Also his cart has the all-seeing-eye logo that the Patriots use. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that he plays a Really Bad Man.

Outside town Rachel digs up Monroe. Who isn’t actually dead.

I knew it.