Revolution Season 2 Episode 5 Review

So finally here is my much delayed review/summary of Revolution season 2 episode 5.

The episode begins with Charlie and Monroe on a roof checking things out with binoculars. They see a bunch of Patriot soldiers and that gigantic US flag.

The Boss Patriot is shown the toasted guards that Aaron Google zapped with his dream fireflies at the end of the last episode. (And how often do I get to write a sentence like that?) The Boss Patriot is probably not happy with this development.

Meanwhile Aaron Google tells Miles about what he saw in his dream (see above). Aaron is clearly upset by this development. Aaron insists to Miles that he saw it and did it. Miles tells him to “dial back the crazy”.

Texas Rangers arrive on horseback. There is a standoff between the Rangers and the Patriots. The Texas Rangers are led by a guy called John Fry and if he looks familiar it’s because he was Uncle Bobby in Supernatural. Miles recognises John Fry from trying to assassinate him back in the days of the Monroe Republic. Now he needs him to help fight the patriots.

Over in the Refugee Camp Tom Neville sees a cart taking some people to what is supposedly a better camp. Neville is given orders to escort the Patriot Lady somewhere.

Back in Texas Miles meets John Fry who has just had a chat with the Patriot leaders. They told him that they are just staying around to mop up the Andover clan and will leave when it is over. Miles shares the information that the Patriots launched the atomic bombs. John Fry insisted he needs proof that the Patriots are not to be trusted.

After his meeting Miles is walking down the street and is surprised to see Charlie. Miles and Charlie are reunited! They embrace! The moment of joy is short-lived when Charlie shows him wanted poster for Rachel.

Still, Charlie is back!

Right about here JJ Abrams obviously put a note on the script saying something like “This show needs a flashback, like in Lost. Write something with Aaron Google.”

Because we now get an Aaron flashback. He’s just arrived in town and is looking for a teaching job. He meets the lady he ends up with who is running the local school. She suggests that giving a job to someone who smells like booze and doesn’t smile would scare the kids. Really, she makes some good points. Aaron kind of begs in a pathetic demeaning way.

In the present Aaron packs a bag! Aaron is leaving!

Charlie takes Miles to meet Monroe. This goes down as well as one would expect. There’s some homoerotic glaring going on between the two. Monroe asks for truce to pay the Patriots back for nuking Philly.

New Season Teacher Lady is looking for Aaron. He’s gone. Rachel agrees to help her look for him.

We then have the next Lost-style flashback. It looks like Aaron got the job in the school. New Season Teacher Lady gives Aaron a chattering teeth toy. Then in walks Carl, the husband of Teacher Lady. He’s clearly a dick. He’s upset by the rapport between Aaron and Teacher Lady.

Miles and his gang investigate the train carriage from the night before. Patriot soldiers see him and the others.

Back east Tom Neville is escorting the Patriot Lady’s cart through some woods. They meet other Patriot soldier people. Its an ambush! Neville saves Patriot Lady and they run away.

Rachel is helping Teacher Lady look for Aaron and she finds him first. He’s sitting with his chattering teeth toy, not unlike Hamlet holding the skull. Well, to be honest it’s not really anything like that. Aaron finally explains whats bugging him. It happened before, “it” being the whole causing people to burst into flame. He describes how he encountered Carl-the-dick with another woman, after which Carl got aggressive towards Aaron. Shortly thereafter Carl promptly burst into flame.

Meanwhile Patriot Lady is wounded. She tells Tom Neville that the folk being taken to a new camp were actually being taken to a reprogramming centre to be turned into bad-ass soldiers. He snarls that he’s going to leave the bullet in her and makes to leave. Patriot Lady stops him leaving by telling him that his son has been taken off to the reprogramming centre. Where is it, he snarls.

Miles and his gang have a gun battle with the Patriots. As luck would have it they capture the patriot who was working for Titus. He’s the proof they need to take to John Fry.

Aaron has a vision and tells Rachel they need to be somewhere.

The somewhere is the rendezvous for Miles to give the Patriot guy to John Fry so he can spill the beans. They await for John Fry to turn up.

At this point I will interject the observation that Charlie looks hot.

Rachel turns up with Aaron and is predictably not happy to see Monroe. This unhappiness also extends to Charlie for hanging out with Monroe.

John Fry arrives and Miles takes him to the prisoner. Unfortunately the prisoner has killed himself with a cyanide tooth. Damn. I hate when that happens.

Just then a shot is fired and John Fry falls dead. Everyone is shocked, except for Monroe who is of course the one who did it. He says that all they have to do is frame the Patriots for the killing and they’ll get their war.