Revolution season 2 episode 2 There Will be Blood review

Last week the first episode of the season ended with Aaron Google coming back to life. I had assumed that Rachel had given him the CGI Healing Device but this week she seems surprised by the coming-back-to-life plot development. They both decide that the nanobots in the air must have done it for some unknown reason.

Charlie follows the mysterious dudes who took Monroe in the last episode and arrives at their camp. They have Monroe tied to a ladder at the bottom of an empty outdoor swimming pool. Charlie sneaks in, I assume to finish assassinating Monroe, but she manages to get captured herself. This probably counts as a stupid thing to do so it is nice to see her characterisation intact.

Meanwhile Miles is held in cage after being captured by the Gang of Really Bad Men last week. The sheriff is in the next door cage and they bond. Sort of. Some lady is also being held prisoner and says people are taken through a red door and never come back. We are shown the Red Door.

Some of the Really Bad Men come in and take blood samples from Miles and the sheriff. Miles passes the test but the sheriff fails somehow. A Bad Man immediately assassinates the sheriff.

Later on after an escape attempt Miles is taken to meet the leader of the Bad Men. The leader guy was some sort of headmaster and is clearly a creep. Miles gets his hand smashed with a hammer. Ew!

Back at the town where Stephen Collins lives Aaron Google is recovering from being dead for a couple of hours. He sees a vision of Rachel’s dead husband Ben Mathison lying bleeding on the floor. This upsets Aaron.

Back in the swimming pool Charlie has been tied up alongside Monroe. She doesn’t say much but just glares sweetly. We discover that Monroe has been captured by bounty hunters and the US Government want him alive for supposedly launching the nukes. The main bounty hunter guy seems decent enough and is nice to Charlie. Therefore I predict he’s being set up as a new recurring character and love interest for Charlie.

Back in the Stephen Collins town the dead sheriff appears on horseback. Rachel decides she wants to go after Miles and is looking for some good fighting men to go with her. Stephen Collins refuses but eventually agrees. He produces two men and also goes himself.

In the refugee camp Tom Neville is introduced to a former rebel fighter. They plot to kill the USA politician lady that Tom Neville does not like. They both go out armed with concealed weapons as US politician lady approaches. Neville gives the nod to the rebel guy who pulls out his gun, at which point Neville shouts “gun!” (like they do in those movies where someone is about to assassinate the president). Neville shoots the rebel guy who understandably dies thinking “I should never have trusted him, damn it.”

Yes, Tom Neville is a sly one. There’s no point in killing the US politician lady when he can use her to get on the inside and find some bigger fish to metaphorically fry.

In the Really Bad Men’s base one of the Bad Men writes a letter and seals it with actual wax like in ye olden days. Later we see the US politician lady open and read such a letter so I assume it’s the same one. I expect he has told her that they have captured Miles Matheson

We eventually get another flashback to the Tower at the moment where the nukes were about to hit their targets and Aaron Google was trying to shut things off. Just at the moment where he was about to do it the computers crash and the nukes go off. So it would seem that the Tower is out of action and that the power is back off for good unless they can figure out a way of getting rid of the nanobots.

It’s night and at the swimming pool the bounty hunters take Monroe and leave Charlie behind. Monroe quickly escapes and assassinates the bounty hunter who isn’t the future love interest of Charlie. Charlie turns up and fights Monroe but he gets away with the horse and cart, leaving Charlie and future love interest behind.

Rachel and her new gang are out riding their horses towards the Really Bad Men’s base of operations. Rachel stops her horse and asks for a torch to be lit. They all shine torches and we can see hundreds, if not thousands of dead rats on the road. Ew! Seriously, Ew! So are the nanobots programmed to kill rats?

In the cells some Bad Men come for Miles and he is taken through the Red Door. “That’ll be the cliffhanger,” I thought, “we won’t see what is on the other side tonight.”

But we do! On the other side is some sick lady who apparently needs blood transfusions. Hence the blood tests. There’s the cliffhanger.

Another decent episode that continues to set up the game-changed season 2. But there are still lots of questions to be answered. It’s a pity that the main gang is so scattered as I would enjoy seeing some of the dysfunctional family dynamic.