Revolution season 2 episode 12 review

Last time Stephen Collins and Charlie made a truce with Steven Culp to help him save the townsfolk who were infected by the  Oranges of Death.

Miles, Rachel, Monroe and new compradre Connor return from their adventure in Mexico. On returning to the hideout they discover there is no sign of Stephen Collins, Charlie or indeed Aaron. After an efficient bit of searching they discover the new quarantine camp where the sick townsfolk have been taken to be sick.

They spy doctor Stephen Collins helping the Patriots. “The rat!” they snarl. Then Miles sees Charlie helping with nurse duties and they realise that the fact that everyone is wearing masks is a clue that there is a disease doing the rounds.

Now a quick interjection on Charlie’s nurse outfit. Surprisingly its her standard ass-kicking outfit of bad-ass-ness. So basically her tight jeans, cute little leather jacket and a whole load of midriff going on. Maybe it’s not the most practical nurse outfit ever invented but if I was dying of a mystery orange disease then there are worse things than getting an eyeful of Charlie’s midriff.

But I digress.

Rachel decides to go into the quarantine camp and catch up with the family. Luckily she has her own mouth covering scarf to disguise her features from the Patriot guards. She is reunited with Stephen Collins and Charlie but then Culp turns up. They agree to a truce so Rachel can help with the medical efforts.

Revolution - Season 2
Charlie helps with medical research

Somehow by looking at a blood sample Rachel works out the disease has been made in a lab and the Patriots are up to no good. She gets a message out to Miles to go to the Patriot Bat Cave and get the antidote that is sure to be there. Unfortunately there is no antidote. Miles gets word back to Rachel.

Rachel works out that the Patriots are using the disease as cover to poison undesirables. It’s all very Nazi like but no reason is given for why they would do this. Perhaps we will find out in a future episode.  But it does looks like Culp knows all about it.

Stephen Collins also gets infected. Culp pats him on the shoulder saying how sorry he is. So that’s all right then.

Rachel and miles infect Culp so he will be forced to bring them to the antidote.

Elsewhere Aaron has had a nanite vision of dead teacher Cynthia. She tells him to go to Lubbock Texas. Ex-wife Priscilla refuses to go with him. After the fireflies almost drop a tree on top of her she decides to go with Aaron after all. Still, it would have been amusing to see that tree land on her…

In Washington DC Tom Neville and his wife plot to get their son out of prison. (We get flashbacks of Mrs Tom using herself as bait so that Tom could kill come guys and steal their food.) They decide to have a word with her new husband and get Jason back.

Tom turns up at a house where a dinner party is taking place to grab the guy. But it’s a trap! Tom is disarmed and he and his wife are taken off to a future that involves Patriot interrogation. And perhaps Oranges of Death…

Back in Texas Connor disguises himself as a Patriot and takes Culp into town for the antidote. Culp opens his safe and gets the vials. Then some Patriot guards storm in. There’s a standoff. Cliffhanger!

This was actually a decent episode. For once the Tom Neville storyline was interesting and I’m wondering what will happen there next.

I’m not sure what the Patriot agenda is with the Oranges of Death. Are they doing this all over the country? Are the Patriot leaders basically Nazis?

By the way, the episode title was Captain Trips which is, surprise, a Stephen King reference. It’s the name of the superflu in The Stand.