Revolution season 2 episode 11 review

First to Mexico. Last time Monroe was captured by his long lost son Connor who takes him to his Mexican crime lord boss guy (who is played by that actor who always plays Central American crime lords). He says he will sell Monroe to whoever is willing to pay for the former head of the Monroe Republic.

Miles resolves to rescue Monroe and manages to break into the compound and get to Monroe’s cell. He knocks out Connor. However to complicate things Monroe refuses to be rescued because Connor would be in trouble with the Mexican crime lord guy. Miles tries to escape but is himself captured.

Connor is ordered to whip Monroe which he does after a slight twinge of potential remorse. Crime lord guy is suspicious at Connors story of how he managed to prevent Monroe’s escape.

So it’s up to Rachel to rescue the situation. She gets into the compound by befriending some crime lord minion, basically by smiling at him a bit. Inside Connor conveniently gives Rachel the key to rescue Miles and Monroe. Connor joins the trio in their escape.

Back in Texas Stephen Collins and Charlie are investigating the mystery of the Patriot oranges. They find a Patriot camp outside of town. Stephen Collins sees a buddy of his apparently being held prisoner. He resolves to rescue him. Stephen Collins and Charlie break into the camp. They are promptly captured by Steven Culp who takes them to a tent with sick people in. Culp tells Collins that typhus has infected them.

(So does Culp know about the mystery Patriots who have been injecting oranges with mystery contents? Or does he know all along?)

Aaron is with Grace who reveals that someone else was guided to her secret town hangout. It’s that lady who Aaron was married to in the flashbacks! The nanites guided her to the town as well! Er, why? We’re conveniently informed, “Oh, she helped Aaron’s computer research thing that inadvertently led to the nanites sentience”. I call that retrofitting an excuse to bring her back.

In Washington DC Tom Neville is told by his son Jason that the Patriots are going to expand their brain washing camps. Jason is not happy by this turn of events. Then some Patriot guards come and take Jason for assassinating that chief of staff guy last week.