Revolution season 2 episode 10 review

So finally I get to a much delayed recap of revolution season 2 episode 10.

When we last saw out heroes Miles was badly injured with some arm infection. I can’t actually remember how he got it but he was in a bad way.

In order to save his life Rachel and the others break her father, doctor Stephen Collins, out of Patriot prison. He quickly goes to work on the Miles wound of infection and cures it by adding some yummy maggots. You know, like they did in the dark ages or whatever.

Miles is soon all better again and Monroe insists Miles tells him where his mystery kid was taken to. Miles agrees to take Monroe to Connor, for that is his name. Miles also gets Rachel to come along for no particularly good reason.

Meanwhile Aaron has buried his dead teacher girlfriend. Stephen Collins apologises for betraying them and all. Aaron just stamps his foot and says “apologise to her, fool!” before storming off. Later it transpires that Aaron has left for good, probably to walk the earth like in Kung Fu.

Promo photo of Tracy Spriadakos. Well, the back of her head. And Stephen Collins.


“Well go after him, Gramps,” says Charlie so the new splinter gang of Charlie and Stephen Collins head off to track Aaron. After a few minutes Charlie loses his trail. “Damn,” she says, while stamping her foot. “He learned how to elude my amazing tracking skills.”

But hark, what is this? Stephen Collins spies some mysterious Patriot carts approaching town. Charlie assassinates some Patriots and they discover the carts contain… oranges.



Meanwhile the Miles-Monroe-Rachel splinter-gang head towards Mexico. For that is where Miles hid Connor. They come to a border crossing where there are strict border controls. No way can you get across. Er, unless you volunteer for a work party, in which case come on through.

On the other side of the border Monroe takes control of the horse and cart, neatly ejecting the work boss. They finally make it to the town Connor is in. The main street seems to be full of prostitutes. Miles shrugs and claims the town has changed

They ask around about Connor but everyone gets a deer in the headlights look and runs away. Eventually in a bar Monroe antagonises some young dude and they confront each other. “I bet that’s Connor” says the audience at home. “I think that’s Connor,” muses Miles. Turns out it is and he’s now working for some local crime boss. The trio is ordered to leave the town but Monroe goes back to bond with his son and is quickly captured by some gang of Connor minions.

There is a Tom Neville subplot about him arriving at the White House with the Patriots and plotting to kill some chief of staff in a power play. Eventually Neville junior kills the politician after reading something upsetting in secret papers. Frankly the Tom Neville stuff is too disconnected from the rest of the action to hold my attention. I’m sure it’s going somewhere but I enjoy the other stuff more.

Back in the Stephen Collins town we see patriots injecting some substance into the oranges. That can’t be good.

And on the road with Aaron. He has arrived in that town that has the second biggest ball of string or whatever it was the imaginary kid said. Some lady appears with a gun. “Aaron?” she asks. It’s Grace! Well, its mote accurate to say “Hey, it’s some lady who I think was in the show last season and was connected to the Dark Tower but I forget exactly who it is, oh wait her names is Grace…”