Revolution episode 20 ‘The Dark Tower’ review

So we make it to the final episode of the season. Going in I wondered if we would have a “game changing” ending, i.e. would the power be turned back on and all the cards thrown up in the air setting up a different concept for season two.

To find out read on. Or watch the episode. Or both.

The episode begins with Miles and Monroe being chased by Tower Denizens. They discover a sort of underground river deal and promptly fall in. The flow of the water leads outside and they are washed out into a muddy sort of steam situation. OK, I guess the tower can’t have been too far underground for the underground river to end up where it did.

But Monroe and Miles are not going to worry about details like that. They start fighting again. Lots of that homoerotic subtext is going on.

Back at the militia camp Tom Neville takes over and shoots the other dude who was holding out on the whole betray Monroe thing. Now he wants into the tower too.

Obligatory photo of Charlie
Obligatory photo of Charlie

Inside Aaron is upset to find that the Tower operating system is based on code he wrote at MIT. It turns out that University sold it to DOD. He wrote the operating system! This could turn out to be an advantage, Aaron.

Rachel tries to talk Grace into turning the power on. But Grace is a holdout. “OK, plan ‘B’,” thinks Rachel and chloroforms Grace and takes her key card. The plan is to turn the power back on by force.

Meanwhile up on the surface Miles and Monroe fight some more. Then they stop fighting and Monroe is captured.

Rachel and chums are making their way to the “Turn Power Back On” room when they are stopped by some Tower Denizens. They rig an explosive and manage to blow up some denizens but along the way Nora is unfortunately injured by shrapnel or a bullet or something.

Up top Miles releases Monroe from the Militia tent to cause a distraction so he can get back in the tower.

Looks like Nora is toast
Looks like Nora is toast

In a side room are Rachel, Aaron, Charlie and Nora (injured). Rachel is all for going right to the “On Button”. But Charlie is pleading with her to help take Nora to the infirmary to patch her up. Rachel refuses.

So Charlie is left alone. Next thing a Bad Militia Man appears and beats up Charlie but Miles comes to the rescue and stabs him. Now we get a replay of the “Do I stay with Nora?” dilemma. This time Miles refuses to leave Nora. Which is nice, except that Nora succumbs to her injuries. Looks like Nora is toast. Sniff.

"This one? No? How about this one? That one? Control, Alt and Delete?"
“This one? No? How about this one? That one? Control, Alt and Delete?”

Miles and Charlie hook up with Rachel and Aaron and they make their way to a big computer room after a gun battle with Tom and his Militia gang. Aaron works the computer and turns the power back on.

Cue a montage of, er lights coming back on in Atlanta. (OK, nice image, but seriously? There was generated power just hanging around waiting for 15 years? I would imagine all the power stations have been shut down for years.)

Randall Flynn appears in another computer room, separated by a glass wall. He says he wanted the power back on so he could launch ICBMs at Atlanta and Philadelphia. He says he did it to reunite the country and that he’s a patriot. Our heroes look on aghast as he launches the missiles and then kills himself!

The scene shifts to a darkened office. A man enters and says “Time to go home, Mister President.” A caption is displayed on the screen as the camera pulls back from a window: “US colony Guantanamo Bay, Cuba”.

Right, I didn’t see that coming!

So yes, we got the game changer. The power is back on and Atlanta and Philadelphia are potentially nuked. I suppose the writers could say that the missiles broke down or the nanobots in the upper atmosphere sucked the power out of them.

Again, I do have a problem with all the lights just coming back on as no electricity has been generated in years. Maybe I missed a line about the Atlanta power station all set up and ready to go with coal or oil or whatever.

But for all its faults I have enjoyed Revolution season 1.

And Charlie remains hotalicious.