Revolution episode 2.8 review

This episode begins with Miles interrogating some hapless Patriot solder for information on where the Patriots are based.

Charlie secretly watches the Culp Patriot guy speaking to the townsfolk. He blames miles and Aaron the bomb that went off last week. Stephen Collins is there and he goes along with the lies and speaks against Miles and Aaron. However he says that Rachel and Charlie are victims and were manipulated and please don’t hurt them.

Aaron and Monroe are hanging out on an old boat waiting for Miles.

Charlie returns to Rachel. She tells them that Truman (Culp) told everyone who Miles really is. The “Stu” identity from Stephen King’s The Stand is now blown. Did you see grandfather asks Rachel. Charlie confirms he was with the Patriots. They all agree that they have to get out of town as the Patriots will never stop looking for Aaron.

Back East Tom Neville approaches a patriot base. He asks for the local Boss Patriot Dude. He tells the Boss that he has Mrs Boss, i.e. the Patriot Lady he has been traveling with. She is now a fugitive from the Patriots because of her “don’t brainwash my son” attitudes. Neville offers to take the Boss to see her,

Miles watches Stephen Collins being brought to Zeljko ‘secret base. Zeljko wants to start executing people if it gets him Aaron. He’s clearly nuts. Stephen Collins suggests the boat place to save anyone getting assassinated by Zeljko.

Charlie and Rachel talk about Stephen Collins betraying them to the Patriots.  Charlie says she does not blame him which surprises Rachel. Charlie admits she hated Rachel for stuff.

Back on Aarons secret boat hideout the Teacher Lady is asking him hard questions.  Question number 1 is “Did you kill Carl?” This is in reference to her creep of a husband. Aaron admits toasting said creep. She’s annoyed he lied to her. She needs to think. I’ll say. After all, her new boyfriend can toast people by calling down the fireflies of doom.

Rachel and Charlie are making something in the kitchen. But it isn’t something edible. It’s a binary gas that will assassinate people in a closed space. What if grandpa is there? asks Charlie. Rachel doesn’t have a good answer for that one.

Monroe leaves the Aaron boat and sees some Patriots come. He kills loads of them. But more come. “You they won’t kill,” Monroe tells Aaron heroically before running off.  Aaron and the Teacher Lady are captured and Aaron is drugged!

This week’s Lost flashback is about Zeljko. It’s years before the blackout and his father is praying for his wife to get better. Zeljko wants to give her medicine but his father doesn’t go in for all that modern medicine rubbish. Inevitability she dies and Zeljko gets a slap for secretly giving her medicine.



Back in the present Charlie blows a dog whistle to call away some dogs guarding Zeljko’s secret base. Meanwhile Rachel goes up exterior stairs to the roof to drop her binary gas containers down a chimney that one hopes goes right to Zeljko‘s secret office and not the local Patriot crèche.

Just then Steven Collins arrives at the secret base! What will Rachel do? Continue on to the roof it seems.

Next a Cart with Aaron and the Teacher Lady turns up and they are brought inside where they are shocked to see Stephen Collins in cahoots with Zeljko.

Up on the roof Rachel is about to drop the gas containers but Miles turns up in the nick of time with the news that Aaron was brought inside.

Downstairs Zeljko tells Stephen Collins to go and then starts torturing Aaron with a scalpel. “Arg!” replies Aaron, somewhat understandably.

Back east we check in on Jason the T-800 and the Patriot Lady. She tries to get free. Terminator  Jason chokes her in robotic way like he’s lost control. He starts ranting about Sarah Connor. No, not really. Tom eventually returns with the Boss Husband guy. She wants to run away and he’s thinking about it. But Tom Neville is at his ear whispering “kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!” Boss Husband succumbs and shoots her to protect himself from his bosses.

Miles and the gang capture Stephen Collins. He explains how he was turned to the Patriot cause, you know, the whole cholera thing from last week. Just then patriot Culp turns up! The place is surrounded. Stephen Collins offers to delay Culp so the others get away. He walks out and pulls a knife on Culp.

Back in Zeljko‘s secret basement of doom Aaron’s cuts heal with CGI. Aaron says he can’t control it. Zeljko says he has a tumour in his brain and needs the Aaron nanite cure. Zeljko wants to see if Aaron can heal another so brings in the Teacher Lady and gets a bad man to stab her.