Revolution episode 19 ‘Children of Men’ review

And so the follow up to the exciting cliffhanger. Rachel is all set to blow everyone up but someone manages to throw the grenade out of the tent, so rachel and monroe survive for the rest of the episode at least.

They make Rachel open the door to the Tower. She is surprised that she gets in so easy. Is someone inside helping her? Monroe takes them inside the Tower which has tunnels with some super-collider type deal going on.

Behind hem the big front door closes under the control of some mysterious people inside who are in control. All very Lost. (I even glimpsed a Dharma type octagon at one point.)

Miles and his gang arrive and link up with Aaron. I bet Aaron is annoyed he didn’t just wait and go in the chopper instead of walking all across he country.

Inside Monroe wants to go down to level 12 but the elevator stops at level 11 and they have a battle with the Mysterious Tower People. While the battle is going on Rachel escapes to secure lockable room and Monroe follows her inside.

Outside the front door another battle is going on. Aaron manages to get them in with a long password he finds in he book. But the door closes on Tom and Jason who are still outside holding off the Militia. Charlie is upset. Tom and Jason captured by the Militia.

Miles and his gang go down to level 11 and see the aftermath of the earlier battle. Another elevator car is heading to them so they run from whoever it is and escape into a convenient shaft, the type of shaft they only have in tv shows.

In the secure room Rachel accuse of Monroe of killing Danny and makes him admit he has blood on his hands. Cue a flashback scene to after the blackout where Rachel says all the dead are blood on her hands. This is irony.

Tom and Jason are held prisoner in a tent. Tom tries to talk the Monroe militia guys into defecting.

In the secure room Rachel sees Miles, Charlie and the others on the monitor. Monroe convinces Rachel to open the gun locker to save Charlie. Shes does so and hey venture out. But Rachel is captured by Tower People. Rachel taken to see folk in charge. She actually recognises them. It turns out they were the people who working there the night of the blackout. They have decided to prevent people going to level 12 as it is too dangerous. And their children will follow them in this duty and so on.

Main Tower dude takes the ‘Tower Spellbook’ and burns it to prevent them turning the power back on because apparently there is a one in a billion chance it could put the world on fire.

Just one episode to go. Will it be a game-changer, i.e. will they turn the power back on?