Revolution episode 18 ‘Clue’ review

In the last episode we saw Nora being captired by the Militia. This episode opens with her in a cell. A very big cell. And her captors let her keep her fashionable leather jacket. Which is nice of them. Someone comes to the door. Maybe it’s a pizza delivery.

No, Monroe has brought Nora a white dress to wear! Next thing you know shes having dinner with Monroe. And a candlelit dinner at that. (Well it would be with the electricity being off.) Still, it’s all very Belloq and Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Marion, no sorry, Nora tries to hit Monroe with a bottle.

A caption on the screen says Day one. That’s ominous. We then get a montage of Militia interrogation techniques while they ask her where Rachel is. By day four they’re drowning her. It’s day 10 and the dress is still white. On day 14 Leland Orser injects her with something. On day 21 she breaks and tells them that Rachel is off to Colorado and the Tower.

Monroe makes Randall tell him what the Tower is. He then decides that he doesn’t need Randall any more and orders his men to kill him. Randall says he’s needed to get into the Tower. He explains that the Tower was a sort of “Skunk works” for the DOD that the president didn’t know about. They prepare for a road trip to the Tower.

Leland goes to Nora’s cell and tells the guards that he has orders to put her down. He injects her with something but I bet she’s not dead.

Atlanta is being evacuated as the front has collapsed.

Jason sees some dude while snogging Charlie and gets distracted from the snogging.

Leland drives Norah in a car to a hospital in Atlanta. See, told you she wasn’t dead. Still, no one stops and says ‘look at that working car’. Miles understandably thinks it was a set up.

Leland Orser says Rachel is in danger from Monroe who is on his way to the Tower with an army. Miles says Leland will take them there too. Luckily they have a helicopter riged up to fly using Leland’s electrical device.

Monroe and his buddies get to the Tower. It turns out there has been a bit of false advertising as there is no actual above ground tower. Randall tells him that it goes down underground for a 1/2 mile. Randall goes to the keypad but oops, he can’t get in. Seems he’s been locked out.

Miles and his gang land at an old airbase to refuel the chopper. Is Nora is drugged because she’s acting all weird with weird-drugged-o-vision. A little later Charlie sees blood and investigates. She finds the pilot and he’s dead. One of the gang killed him!

Rachel reaches the tower and sees the Militia. She says she will kill Monroe tonight as a distraction while Aaron opens the door with an override code as found in the book.

Back at the airfield Miles finds another Georgia soldier dude who is in the process of dying. He tries to say who killed him but can’t quite do it. Miles gathers everyone in a hanger and disarms them, then goes to find Nora. Miles finds Nora on ground outside. Maybe she was the killer?

Suddenly it’s an interesting little mystery. He finds a bloody knife on Jason who says it was planted. Shock horror, Charlie doesn’t support him! And after the snogging incident earlier! She says she saw the dude on street who distracted Jason. Jason says the dude was a Militia guy and he told Jason to kill Miles but Jason didn’t want to.

Leland realises the knife is from Annapolis. This is important as I neglected to mention a line of dialog cunningly added to the episode earlier where the former Militia turned Library dude (from a few episodes ago) said he was there! He shoots Leland. It turns out the militia captured his wife. Jason shoots library dude.

Nora is feeling less weird and fixes the chopper.

But they might be too late. Rachel steels a uniform and walks into Monroe’s tent with a grenade. Monroe is understandably surprised to see her. She let’s go of the stop-grenade-from-exploding lever! Cliffhanger!

Decent enough episode. The mystery element was more interesting than I had expected as they did set up a few suspects. Good cliffhanger ending. Elizabeth Mitchell gives good grenade value.