Revolution episode 17 ‘The Longest Day’ review

The episode begins at a Militia camp where there is a trailer, inside which we see operators sitting at electronic consoles. It looks a lot like a drone control room.

Meanwhile back at the rebels Nora is having morning after regrets about sleeping with Miles and explains she is worried that one of them will eventually be killed. Elsewhere in the rebel camp Tom Neville and his son have a serious staring contest. They are not getting along.

Drones appear at the rebel camp and fire missiles. Charlie rings a bell to sound the alarm. This is not a stupid thing to do as it warns people of the attack. Sort of. But it will prove to be a stupid thing for Charlie herself.

After the drone attack Miles digs out Nora from under a brick wall. He calls for Charlie but can’t find her. The rebels do a head count and realise they’ve gone from 300 to 30 men. Lucky the main characters survived, huh? Miles thinks there’s a mole. But hold that thought because Militia troops are on the way to finish the job.

We then discover Charlie is trapped in the ruins of the bell tower thing. Miles is still desperate to find Charlie and Nora decides to cause a distraction. She runs and the soldiers follow her, giving Charlie time to free herself and get to safety. But Nora is captured by the Militia.

In Philly Monroe is persuaded to go for a celebratory drink by his current second-in-command. As they walk across the street a sniper fires on them but Monroe survives the attempt on his life. Monroe is immediately suspicious that his trusted lieutenant had him set up and eventually has him shot. Later Monroe is told that it was a Georgia spy acting alone. Oops! Monroe did something stupid this week!

In the Plains Nation Aaron is upset to discover that he’s in the “Tower Spellbook”. Rachel thinks Ben knew something about Aaron and it is why he trusted him with the pendant. Rachel is badly injured from her encounter with the dude on the horse last time. Aaron won’t leave her so Rachel produces the chip thing she took from Danny’s body.

In a workshop Aaron scavenges electronic parts from a diagram in the book to build a gizmo that will program the chip to fix Rachel’s leg. He pushes the chip into her wound. Ouch! Then some cgi fixes her leg. Just then some men with guns capture them. Rachel is taken to a family who have an injured boy who fell off horse. They want them to heal him. Rachel says sure, but we need to go back to get the equipment.

One of the men takes them back and asks Aaron how the healing worked. You ever read Michael Crichton asks Aaron. Then Rachel knocks the dude out and says the kid is too far gone to be healed. Aaron is shocked and says they should help people. Then we get the best line of the episode from Rachel, “what makes you think I’m in it to help people?” She just wants to kill Monroe.

In the flashback sequences it is seven years after the blackout. As seen in an earlier episode Rachel has given herself up to Miles, but he is looking for rest of Rachel’s family. Rachel calls Miles the Butcher of Baltimore and a monster. She is ashamed to call him a member of her family. That’s not what you used to say about me he responds. She replies that they were kids and it was cheap and ugly fling that she regrets. Yep, it will turn out that Charlie is his daughter. Just wait.

As the episode ends the Atlanta president is going to surrender to Monroe as she can’t fight his superior weapons…