Revolution episode 16 ‘The Love Boat’ review

Ok, I’m finally getting around to reviewing episode 16, by which time I’ve actually seen the next two episodes which are more fresh in my mind. Which means this one isn’t fresh in my mind. I’ll do my best.

So basically there’s this scientist dude who Monroe has got his hands on. He’s making some weaponised anthrax for the Militia. The Georgia president lady sends Miles to go and get the scientist and as a special treat he gets to bring Tom Neville along for the ride. Cue glaring. At their disposal they have a Georgia Navy steamboat that looks like a fishing boat.

They go to the scientist’s building and blow stuff up. They grab the scientist and go to the boat which will take them to safety. Scientist dude tells them that he was working for Monroe because Monroe had his wife and kid. Don’t worry, Miles tells him, we have your family.

Ah, I thought, interesting. Miles is lying and will do anything to get the scientist to come along. This will have repercussions. Actually no, he was telling the truth, which is a lot less interesting.

Charlie and Jason – is it Jason? Toms son? It’s j-something anyway – decide their fathers (assuming Miles is Charlie’s father, well, duh!) are doing the Wrong Thing so they decide to help the scientist escape. And then some Militia boat patrol turns up and they have a gun battle. I’m pretty sure someone from Mad Men was working for the Militia.

In the B-story Rachel and Aaron are getting hungry while walking across the Plains Nation. They beg for food but are told there is none to spare by some Plains Nation Dude. Later Plains Nation Dude catches up with them and demands they give back the food they stole. Rachel and Aaron reluctantly hand it over, thinking a ‘sorry’ will do. But it seems the penalty for any wrong-doing in the Plains nation is to be executed. The dude is about will shoot them but Rachel coldly shoots him first. She is driven!

There is a little coda at the Tower. Prisoner scientist Grace finally gets the elevator working so it can go ‘down’ to level 12. Her guard who spends all the time reading the same back issue of Maxim decides to investigate and takes the lift down. But it stops at level 7 and Grace hears screams on the intercom. Then the lift comes back up… It’s all very Lost.