Revolution episode 15 ‘Home’ review

The episode opens with the aftermath of a battle between the rebels and the militia. We get flashes of the battle with appears to have been fought over a big pile of rubble from some abandoned building that got knocked down shortly before the episode was filmed. It looks like they were trying to do a Terminator future. Only it was daylight.

Well, it’s after the battle and the Georgia soldiers appear with a militia captive. He has a message for Miles from Monroe but he’ll only tell Miles in private. It turns out that Monroe is pretty pissed off with Miles, to the point that he’s taken some choppers to his old town and he’s going to kill everyone if Miles doesn’t go there and give himself up. Wow. That is pretty pissed off.

So of course Miles goes to the old hometown to try to rescue the folk there. Meanwhile at the nameless town Monroe encounters old flame Emma. It turns out that there was a love-triangle between Miles, Emma and Monroe back when they were younger and played by different actors. Monroe catches up with his old house (abandoned) and family (in a graveyard).

Miles turns up just in time to rescue the townsfolk. he does it badly as they all get trapped in a burning building. But lucky for him Charlie, Nora and some others have come along to help. Monroe is corned and resorts to pointing a gun at Emma and using her as a human shield. Some Georgia soldier wants to “take the shot” and so does Charlie. Miles snarls that he will shoot whoever does. Georgia dude takes the shot and Monroe is wounded and Emma killed. Miles shoots the Georgia guy. Well, he told him he would. This might be an example of Charlie doing something not stupid as she didn’t take the shot and Miles didn’t have to kill her.

In a Shocking Twist it turns out that Emma had Monroe’s son back when she was a kid. Apparently. OK, not so shocking.

In the B-story Rachel and Google Guy are still walking across the Plains Nation. Google Guy sees the wife he abandoned years before as she was better off without him or some such whine-y reason. Turns outs she had been captured by a bounty hunter for knifing a militia soldier. Google Guy helps her scape (just about) and she heads off to her new family in Texas.

Big cliffhanger, the Georgia president has employed Tom Neville to go help Miles and the rebels! OK, slightly interesting cliffhanger.

This was a slightly disappointing episode. But don’t worry, the next one is much more interesting.