Revolution episode 14 ‘The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia’ review

I actually ended up watching two episodes of Revolution last night. I was just going to watch one and then a Hannibal. Well, halfway through the Hannibal I decided the constant gruesome imagery and disturbing audio undertone were getting to me so I watched a second Revolution. Right now I’ll review the first of the two episodes.

This one follows up the revelation that Monroe has his hands on a nuclear bomb. The episode begins with our heroes tracking a militia team across the border into the Georgia Federation, which seems to be where the Confederate states were in the Civil War. Anyway, it appears that Monroe wants to detonate the bomb in Atlanta, the capital of the Federation.

Miles, Nora and Charlie go to a shed that was supposed to be a military outpost in order to kill the guards for their uniforms. However they discover the guards are already dead and Miles finds his old knife that he gave to one of his buddies back in the bad old militia days.

By the way, Miles seems to be growing a mullet. Must be that post-apocalyptic fashion.

There’s some nice little bitsof world building in this episode. For example we get some glimpses of steam-powered busses and the folk in Atlanta seem to be doing ok. Reference is made to Georgia’s better weather and  resources.

Eventually they find the militia guy with the bomb and it is indeed an old buddy of Miles who feels betrayed by Miles. He kills a Georgia policeman to get away and Miles is arrested. Miles is taken to see the Georgia president and they seem to be on first name terms. She becomes convinced of the nuclear threat when Monroe’s helicopters fly overhead and drop propaganda leaflets saying more or less “we’re going to blow up Atlanta tonight”.

Meanwhile Charlie encounters Miles’ old buddy who makes some reference to Miles doing something bad to her mother but he does not elaborate.

Eventually Miles tracks him down and stops the bomb being detonated. The president gives Miles a few hundred soldiers and arms to help the rebels north of the border.

But some of the most interesting material in the episode is in the B-story. Rachel and the Google guy are on their way west to the Tower. On the way Rachel wants to stop at a house of a former colleague. Said former colleague has what I only can describe as a heat ray that she uses to kill a couple of bad men.

Rachel tells her she wants to turn the power on. Heat ray lady protests that the nano bots are they only thing keeping Danny alive to which Rachel produces the device she removed from his body. It turns out that the nano bot things can cure diseases and in fact are keeping alive heat ray lady’s girlfriend.  Heat ray lady refuses to help until her girlfriend insists that the power should be restored.  Heat ray lady gives Rachel her research and tells her to get lost.

So this was a pretty good episode. I enjoyed the world building and the little hints of the wider world. For example the Georgia Federation’s president refers to them having help from England. Interesting. Also we learn more about the nano bot things and the fact that turning them off will not be good news for all.

I’m trying to think if Charlie did anything particularly stupid in this episode but nothing comes to mind.