Revolution episode 13 ‘The Song Remains the Same’ review

Rachel explains to Google guy about the Tower and how the electricity was turned off. There are millions and billions of little nanobot things that absorb electricity and replicate. She says they can’t be stopped.

Monroe sends Tom Neville out on a mission to buy something with diamonds. Neville heads off in a Humvee that can go with the benefit of one of the Randall amplifiers. The side benefit of having electricity is that Neville can listen to some Lionel Richie on his iPod.

The rebels spot the convoy and manage to get ahead of it and ambush it. On foot. Think about that. Oh, there might have been a line about the convoy heading their way I suppose. Anyway, they ambush it and capture Neville.

He refuses to tell them anything, even after Bella’s dad punches him a few times. Then Neville’s son turns up at the rebel base as part of another team of rebels. He wants to talk to his dad but Bella’s dad says no.

Rachel goes to kill Neville because of the whole dead husband and dead Danny situation. Charlie steps in and says no, don’t kill him because of the valuable intel he can give us. Can this be an example of Charlie not doing a stupid thing?

Neville’s son goes to talk to his dad. They don’t get along, but Tom says they need to go back and finish his mission or Mrs Neville will be assassinated by Monroe. The son appears to go along but it’s a ruse. The rebels are listening and hear Neville say he’s going to a cement factory. They lock him up again.

The rebels go to the cement factory and kill lots of people except for Randall who gets away with a case. Inside they find materials that lead them to believe Monroe has just bought a nuke.

Back at the base Neville escapes and kills the rebel priest guy. He heads back to Philly and tells his wife to pack as he’s failed his mission and Monroe will kill them. So remember when Charlie stopping her mother from killing Neville was a not-stupid thing? Turns out it was a stupid thing after all.

Rachel hears about the nuke and decides she has to try to cross the Plains Nation and get to the Tower to restore the electricity. “The bad guys have it, the good guys need it too,” she says. Bella’s dad is doubtful. Rachel makes some reference to their past. Then they start some serious snogging. And I’m starting to think “Huh, just who is Charlie’s dad? I see a twist coming up in the future!”

Rachel heads off with Google guy. Charlie wants to come but Rachel says no, and she’s never coming back.

Ok, not a bad episode. A little bit predictable, although I like another quest starting. After all, they’re heading to The Dark Tower…