Revolution episode 11 ‘The Stand’ review

Revolution premiered ages ago but I’ve only really started watching it in the last week or so. It took me a while to get through episode one, but once I did I quickly wanted to watch each succeeding episode and last night I got up to episode ten. It turned out to be a mid-season cliffhanger so it marks an appropriate moment to recap on the first ten episodes before starting on episode 11.

So in summary, Rachel Matheson, played by Elizabeth Mitchell (from Lost and V), and her husband are scientists who invent this electricity-negating effect. Someone gets their hands on it and turns off the worlds electricity. Planes fall from the sky and anarchy reigns.

15 years later the Monroe Republic is in power. It’s basically a dictatorship that has sprung up in the north east US. Some of their militia dudes turn up and kill Rachel’s husband and kidnap her son Danny to use as leverage to force Rachel to build them a machine that will turn the electricity on.

Danny’s sister Charlie goes to Chicago to find her uncle who is this badass dude Miles Matheson, played by Bella’s dad off of those Twilight movies. But he’s badass, honest. They have lots of adventures and eventually they rescue Rachel and Danny from Monroe.

At this point I need to point out that Charlie is totally hot. Some viewers have pointed out that she tends to do lots of stupid things. Others express an opinion that she is played by a not very good actress. Personally I maintain that Charlie only occasionally does stupid things. And I think the actress, Tracy Spirikados, is fine. Plus she looks totally hot. I love Charlie. Cue an obligatory photo of Charlie.


Ok, good. I’ve got that out of my system. So, when we last left our heroes they were escaping Monroe’s base and were being chased by a Huey helicopter. Oh yes, I need to mention that Rachel built Monroe the amplifier machine that will let helicopters work. So, they’re being chased and hide in a building and the helicopter totally blows it up, but don’t worry, our heroes are fine because they hide in the one room that didn’t blow up.

Monroe sends his helicopters to wipe out the rebel bases in the area. (Basically the rebels don’t like Monroe and have American flags. Monroe doesn’t like them and has his own flag. That seems to be the cause of the whole rebel situation.) So our heroes hear the helicopters and go to warn the rebels at the nearest base but they’re too late. They go on to another base and are in time to warn them.

Bella’s dad and Rachel go to get a missile launcher from a friend of Rachel who has been hiding out with his own source of electricity. Now I need to mention that there are, I believe, twelve necklace things that let the electricity work. And Rachel’s friend has one. Actually he’s played by Leland Orser, who is in everything and usually plays an untrustworthy person. So I didn’t trust him on sight. And I was right not to because he betrays our heroes to the mysterious Randall.

It's Leland Orser! Don't trust him!
It’s Leland Orser! Don’t trust him!

At this point I need to mention the makers of the show are obviously big Stephen King fans. Randall Flagg is a mysterious bad guy who appears in numerous King works such as The Stand. See episode title above. At one point Leland says to Rachel, “Randall got into the Tower,” to which she seems horrified. In the Stephen King books The Dark Tower there is a mysterious tower upon which the whole of creation depends. One assumes a technological dark tower will be appearing in this series.

Bella’s dad and Rachel escape from Leland and head back to the rebels with a missile launcher. Meanwhile the rebels have been alerted to an incoming attack by the son of a militia officer who has the hots for Charlie. I mean the son has the hots for Charlie, not the officer. So the rebels are looking for volunteers to fight the helicopters and Charlie puts her hand up. Some would say this is evidence that Charlie does stupid things, but lots of rebels put their hands up, along with Charlie’s brother Danny.

Bella's dad aims the missile launcher
Bella’s dad aims the missile launcher

The helicopters attack and Bella’s dad arrives with the missile launcher just in time. He is about to fire it but gets caught in an explosion and drops the missile launcher. Danny rushes in and works out how to fire it. He blows up the helicopter with the amplifier and the other one starts to spiral to the ground. Tragically some bullets from the second chopper hit Danny and he stands injured as the helicopter crashes in slow motion. It was quite a nicely composed shot actually and I thought “there is a price to paid to beat Monroe,” which is a good storytelling thing to happen.

Well, poor Danny is no more and his mother and sister are understandably sad about it. The surprise ending has Rachel cut into her dead son’s skin and remove a little device that was implanted when he was a small child to save his life. Elizabeth Mitchell does conflicted very well and you can see her simultaneously horrified by what she is doing but determined to get the mystery device.

But there is another surprise ending. The mysterious Randall ‘Flynn’ and Leland Orser turn up at Monroe’s headquarters proposing an alliance.

So, a pretty decent episode. I was impressed that they killed off Danny so quickly after spending ten episodes rescuing him. I look forward to more Stephen King reference in future episodes.

And Charlie.

Looking totally hot.