Revolution episode 2.7 review

At the end of the last episode Monroe had apparently been executed by lethal injection although we saw Rachel start digging him up. Unsurprisingly Monroe is still alive as Rachel has given him one of those “simulate death” injections. Rachel has done this because the gang needs Monroe’s big knife fighting skills and also because Charlie asked her to. Monroe meanwhile is still hung up on the “Miles knows about the son I didn’t know I had” situation.

Aaron and Aaron’s Lady Friend are walking along the street bemoaning the fact that the Patriots are deciding what books she is allowed to use in school, always a sure sign of a fascist dictatorship.

Suddenly an explosion blows something up and body parts are strewn across the street. Except for Aaron and the lady friend who are totally ok, just a bit shaken, but all body parts intact.

Steven Collins blames the patriots for planting the bomb even though we have discovered he is an ally of sorts with the Patriots. They meanwhile are blaming the non-existent Andover clan members who were being bad at the start of the season, before the Patriots whipped them out.


I was trying to think of a witty caption for the photo but all I can come up with is “gosh, Charlie is pretty!”

Zeljko Ivanek from Heroes turns up and wants to talk to Rachel. He knows her because he worked in the DOD alternate energies projects back before the blackout. He is now the president’s scientific advisor. He to talk about the nanites that caused the blackout and he is actually the one who sent out the wanted poster of Rachel. He shows Rachel a photo of the soldiers who got toasted by the fireflies thinking that if it connected to the nanites then Rachel will know. She realises he will go after Aaron next.

Back at the house she talks to Miles about hiding Aaron with Monroe in the secret house outside town that Monroe is hiding in. But in another room Stephen Collins hears everything.

In a Lost-style flashback we see Stephen Collins and the townsfolk dispose of bodies of people who died of cholera, his wife among them. Some mysterious dude turns up with a vial of cholera vaccine and promises Stephen Collins more if he helps the Patriots.

Back east we see Tom Neville cut his son loose despite the Patriot Lady shouting “he’s a terminator, he can’t be reasoned with!” or words to that effect.

Back in Texas Miles signals Monroe with a mirror, I guess using Morse code to send the message “Aaron and his lady friend are coming to visit”

In another flashback we see some nasty Patriots water-boarding some unfortunate dude. Stephen Collins is present as he has to bring the guy back to consciousness when he blacks out. Stephen Collins is not happy about this development.

In the present Stephen Collins goes to Miles and Rachel and says he overheard them. He offers to get Aaron out of town in a cart that has some secret compartment big enough for an Aaron sized person.

Back east Tom Neville and Jason encounter some other cadets and kill them.

Zeljko Ivanek from Heroes asks Stephen Collins about Aaron. He’s interested in the whole coming back from the dead situation. He’s finally putting two and two together!  Zeljko threatens the townsfolk if Stephen Collins doesn’t tell him what he wants to know. Finally Stephen Collins is forced to admit that Aaron is controlling the machines.

Stephen Collins and the patriot soldiers lie in wait at the “get Aaron out of town” rendezvous site. Luckily Miles is watching and sees Stephen Collins with the soldiers. He now knows that Stephen Collins is one of them.

Back east the Patriot Lady wants to find her brainwashed son now that she sees Jason is ok and back to normal. Well, except for the cyborg implants. Just kidding. Tom Neville gives her a drink and she passes out

Back in Texas Aaron and the lady friend get out of town using plan B, a sewer pipe, but are captured. Monroe turns up with his big knives and kills the soldiers. Then in a shock development yet more guards appear. This sets off Aarons Hulk-Out, also known as the fireflies. They toast the guards.

I should mention that the Teacher Lady is freaked out by the whole toasting people with fireflies development.

Back in town soldiers are searching for Miles Rachel and Charlie.