Revolution 2.4 “Patriot Games” review

The episode opens with Charlie in some crummy run-down shed place where she is eating a meal and slurping some alcoholic beverage. Some creep comes over and offers to buy her a drink. Charlie wisely refuses and makes for the door where she discovers the way has been padlocked. The creepy men have locked her in, the swine!

Still, this is Season Two Charlie so you just know she’s gonna kick some ass. She does indeed commence kicking ass. But then the starts acting woozy. The swine have drugged her!

Just then Monroe smashes in and starts killing the creepy men with very big knives. Talk about the nick of time…

Back in the Stephen Collins town Rachel wakes up after recovering from her non-fatal arrow wound. Outside she sees kids dressed up for Halloween. As she takes a walk through the town she also sees US soldiers and a ginormous US flag. Ken the Butcher says hi and I finally realise that he’s Agent Ellison from Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Rachel is reunited with miles. They embrace!

Rachel is then introduced a US soldier guy played by Stephen Culp who obviously knows more than he’s letting on.

In the Savannah refugee some camp men fight. Tom Neville breaks it up by kicking ass. If he hopes to impress his new boss he is sadly mistaken. New Boss tells him off and says he does not trust him. Neville will clearly start plotting.

In the Stephen Collins town Miles and Rachel discuss the Patriots and the connection to Randall who called himself a Patriot before shooting himself in the head. Rachel decides to snoop in the office used by the soldiers. She gets herself caught but before that she saw a map marked with the town rail yard. Later Stephen Collins does The Acting and shouts a bit at Rachel because she does crazy stuff to try to fix things.

Outside the town some Patriot soldiers find some townsman outside. They kill him and take his body back to town blaming the Titus Andover Clan Bad Men.

Charlie wakes up. Monroe has a camp fire going. Why is he helping her? He says its a show of faith and he needs her to take him to Miles. She’s not impressed with the whole wounded Monroe thing. It’s a mask she says.

At night Miles sneaks out of town to investigate what is going on outside. He goes to the Bad Men Cage place. Remember where he bonded with the Sheriff and got his hand smashed? At the same time Aaron Google has a vision of Miles in the cage place. Like a real Out of body experience sort of deal. We see Miles look right at Aaron’s point of view. Then we realise that Miles is looking at the fireflies. Aaron is connected to the fireflys!

Aaron is upset by the whole out of body experience.

Then Miles meets the leader of the Bad Men, Titus, who is hiding. He says the Patriots took his ‘children’ away in trains. He is upset by the whole turn of events so he produces a gun. He shoots but he has no bullets. Titus and Miles fight! Titus gets stabbed in the stomach.

Titus is toast.

Neville notices that New Boss has needle marks on his arms. That night Neville goes to some opium den place and finds New Boss. He ties him up. When New Boss wakes up Neville asks where his son is. New Boss does not know. Neville gives him an overdose.

In the town Rachel is hanging out with her old pal Ken the Butcher, aka Agent Ellison from Terminator. She ends up telling Ken/Ellison everything about the nukes. He takes her to his basement. It is at this point Rachel wisely begins to suspect something.

There she sees some paperwork with the all seeing eye symbol that the patriots use. Rachel tries to escape but falls and gets knocked out. When she wakes up she sees she is chained and Ken/Ellison is digging a grave. He says he has been a Patriot for seven years and he can’t have her walking around. Somehow Rachel manages to kill him and escape. Rachel buries the body and cleans up the evidence that she was there.

Still, Ken/Ellison is toast and it’s only episode four. I thought they might have been building that character up.

Outside the town Miles goes to investigate the train yard. He sees lots of Titus Bad Men being taken out of cattle cars and some are shot. Some guards see Miles and chase him. Miles is cornered by two guards. A swarm of fireflies approach. Then in an unexpected development the two guards Burst into Flame. (That really does deserve to be capitalised.)

And Aaron Google is dreaming the whole thing! He wakes up and is understandably upset by this development.

The next day Miles and Rachel discuses how the town is effectively under occupation and this leads inevitably to a resistance movement.

At the refugee camp Neville takes on the bosses duties.

Finally we see Monroe and Charlie riding on the bounty hunter cart. They’re not saying much and just look suspiciously at each other. A sign says they are ten miles from the Stephen Collins town.

Not a bad episode. It’s sadly a bit light on Charlie to be honest so I’m glad that she will be returning to the dysfunctional family dynamic soon.