Revolution 2.3 Love Story review

At the end of the last episode Miles had been taken through the Red Door to have his blood removed by the Bad Men to be put into the sick wife of the leader of the Bad Men.

Meanwhile Rachel and her new gang were riding to the rescue. Luckily Rachel and her gang know of a secret way into the headquarters of the Bad Men. The secret passage conveniently goes right into the room where Miles is having his blood removed and put into the sick lady. From now on I think I am going to define the word ‘convenient’ by referencing Revolution season 2, episode 3. But I suppose it gets the story moving quickly.

So Rachel and her gang fight the Bad Men and Miles remembers to rescue the lady in the cage in the other room. (I’m glad he did or for years I’d be obsessing about ‘whatever happened the lady in the cells who witnessed Miles and the sheriff bonding just before the sheriff was toast?’)

Miles also suggests they take the sick lady with them. They all escape back to the Stephen Collins town.

The leader of the Bad Men is understandably annoyed by this development.

The gang take Miles and the sick lady back to the town, knowing the Bad Men will follow. Indeed they do. The next day many dozens of Mad Max extras turn up and the leader demands his wife be released. Miles negotiates that the leader guy will be given proof of life.

Meanwhile the sick lady reveals to Rachel that she wants to die and be free of her crazy husband, explaining how he has been keeping her alive by killing folk for their blood. Regardless they take her on a cart to the town gates so her husband can see her. Miles then negotiates that the towns folk will be able to leave town unmolested and then the Bad Men will be given the wife and Miles will also surrender to them.

We then discover that one of the main Bad Men, I believe the one who send the letter to the US Government lady last week, actually represents the returned US Government and is bribing the Bad Men leader with diamonds to take the town.

So the town is being evacuated and everything is going well. Until that is Rachel discovers that the sick lady wife has slit her wrists in a messily bloody way. Huh, she wasn’t kidding about not wanting to go back to her husband. Rachel tells Miles and he says hey have to pretend she is still alive for as long as possible until the towns folk can escape.

However a Bad infiltrator Man manages to gets into the town by climbing over an undefended wall. He then finds where the dead wife was kept. He then walks into the house and sees that she is dead. He then gets back out. And no one sees him! Anyway, he tells the Bad Men leader.

Once more he is understandably annoyed by this development.

Let’s momentarily step away from the Stephen Collins town to visit some of our other characters.

Last week Charlie had been captured by some bounty hunters who were after Monroe, only to let the said Monroe escape. Charlie is forced to team up with the surviving bounty hunter who is clearly a budget Ryan Reynolds. I didn’t catch his name so I shall call him Ryan for now.

Charlie and Ryan track down Monroe. Ryan says he needs to get Monroe back alive or the US Government will kill his dad who they have kidnapped.

Eventually they find the stolen bounty hunter cart thing and Monroe ambushes and captures them. Charlie discovers that Ryan’s dad has not been actually kidnapped by anyone. So trusting Ryan might be this weeks Stupid Thing.

Monroe shows Charlie a wanted poster for Charlie’s mother Rachel. It turns out that the US Government want Rachel alive also. Monroe also points out the little all seeing eye logo on the wanted poster that matches one on a ring that Randall Flynn had last season.

Charlie resolves to go back to Texas to help her mother and doesn’t want Monroe’s help. Charlie starts walking away (one hopes in the direction of Texas). That’s got to be a long walk. You know, I think walking to Texas might count as a Stupid Thing to do…

Elsewhere we visit the refugee camp where Tom Neville has been plotting the downfall of, well, anyone he doesn’t like today. He and his son put on US flag patches and serve some food to refugees. Then his true identity is found out by the US Government people and he is asked what he is up to. He gives a big speech about how he wants revenge on Monroe to pay for the death of his wife. They don’t believe him but are holding his son as a hostage to ensure his cooperation.

Back at the Stephen Collins town the bad men finally start killing the townsfolk who are trying to escape. They invade the town and shoot extras with arrows. Said extras fall dead instantly. This is important to note for what happens shortly.

I should say that while the invasion is happening the Bad Men Leader goes to visit his dead wife. He is understandibly upset by this development. Then the Bad Man Who is Actually Working for the US Government puts a bag over the head of the Bad Men Leader, I assume to kill him.

Outside Rachel is shot with arrow, very near the heart. Now, given that all those other extras are dropping dead from arrow-related injuries surely this means Rachel is toast and we will no longer have the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell in the show! Actually no. Rachel kind of staggers backwards in slow motion without the arrow actually killing her. Huh, it must have been a blank arrow, or one of those ones with rubber suckers on the end.

Meanwhile Miles is literally fighting single-handedly with his sword. But the odds are hopeless. It looks like Miles will be toast.

And the next thing you know there is the sound of gunfire. US Government soldiers suddenly appear with machine guns and shoot all the Bad Men. They also give timely medical attention to Rachel who still lives. Yay, Elizabeth Mitchell will be in the show next week!