Parade’s End


I just discovered this today and I’ve filed it under “might be worth watching”. The BBC has made a five part period drama called Parade’s End based on four novels written by Ford Madox Ford in the 1920s. I don’t know much about Ford other than he co-wrote at least one book with Joseph Conrad.

What brought Parade’s End to my attention was a photo of the red-headed lead actress in period dress. I couldn’t quite remember who she was but I knew I had seen her before. Then I discovered it was Rebecca Hall. I’d only ever seen her with black hair, hence the confusion. Well, I like Rebecca, so I’ll be watching.

The lead actor is none other than Benedict “Sherlock in Sherlock and also in the next Star Trek movie” Cumberbatch. The series is set in the Edwardian era covering the First World War and suffragettes, etc.

Episode 1 is on BBC2 on 24 August.

You can read more about the series at