Pan Am episode 14

So what is likely to be the final episode of Pan Am limps onto our tv screens and it’s an underwhelming experience.

Rather than pick up the action on the day that JFK is shot we have moved forward to New Years Eve 1963. Each of our characters is given their own little sub-plot.

Dean is grounded and forced to attend a board of enquiry about the events in Haiti where a passenger died and was left on he runway so the place could take off. Dean gets off though.

Maggie has some plot with that other pilot that Dean punched, you know the smuggling one. It has something to do with smuggling jewellery but to be honest I wasn’t really paying attention. In the end Maggie is seen lying on a bed throwing money in the air in a very 1960s fashion before grabbing the other pilot guy.

Colette is being wooed by the Italian prince but his family need to investigate her background. They turn up the fact that Colette is actually Jewish and her parents were not in the resistance but were taken to the death camps. However there is a photo of her family that includes a baby brother. ‘I will find him’ she vows and Dean says he’ll come along too. How those crumpled Beatles concert tickets are forgotten.

Ted decides not to marry the lady who likes ladies and declares his love for Laura, who finally has admitted that she Likes Ted. They snog. Happy ending, right? Then the fiancé shows up at his place with the bombshell that is a pregnancy announcement. Ted of course wants to do the Right Thing so it looks like the wedding is back on.

I bet she was lying though.

I’ve left Kate’s story for last as it was the potentially most interesting. Her CIA contact guy turns up at her apartment, wounded. We have a standard spy story involving microfilm and someone on the inside betraying him. You know, ‘I can’t trust anyone in the agency, you’re the only one I could turn to’. Really the story can write itself. He tells Kate that whoever asks her if she has seen him will be the traitor. So Kate walks out of her apartment and there’s the MI6 agent Anderson asking her about him.

Now, this makes no kind of sense whatsoever. If Anderson was working for the other side why bother fighting that jeweller guy in London for example? (Well, actually I can think of lots of convoluted stuff, such as Anderson betraying the Russians as well as the CIA and then the jeweller guy finds out. After all we never saw how the fight started…)

In the end Anderson gets captured in a railway station and the CIA guy tells Kate she should train to be a proper spy in the new year.

So that’s kind of it. While not yet officially cancelled most observers believe that the show will be unlikely to return. It’s a pity because while the show was far from perfect it had potential. I think in time the writers would have realised that it had to be ‘about’ something and would have served up something more substantial.

With spies.