Pan Am episode 13

Do you remember when you’d been watching a show for years, right from episode 1 probably, and one day you’re get a glimpse of an episode from the first season? You would think ‘Wow, they look so young! Were their voices actually that squeaky? Were the stories actually that, well, naff?’

Welcome to episode 13 of Pan Am. Because its not episode 13, it’s actually an episode from earlier in the series that somehow had the decency to get skipped. Perhaps it fell down the back of the sofa. In any event it has been found and was shown out of sequence. So now Laura runs away from a photographer before they do The Business because she’s a virgin, even though she lost her virginity to the sailor ages ago. She lets the photographer take the nudie photos even though they were on display in an art gallery last week. And Kate is still seeing Goran From ER even though he’s been back in Croatia for weeks.


That’s about half of the plot described right there. The rest of the story focused on Dean and Colette who at this stage are still just ‘friends’. Dean has been having a fling with Ginny, the girlfriend of a Pan Am executive who is himself married. Ginny follows Dean to Rome and when he rejects her she does what any girl would do and smash her head through a glass window.

Meanwhile Colette has to chaperone an annoying boy who falls for her so badly he breaks into her hotel room and watches her sleeping, not unlike Chandler’s creepy roommate from that episode of Friends.

The only nod to an espionage plot is when Kate is in Rome and is knocked to the ground by a Bad Man. ‘Stay away from Goran from ER,’ he snarls. Probably. Kate is shaken and in what is actually a nice little scene phones her CIA handler from a pay phone. She’s looking for reassurance that her identity as an agent hasn’t been blown. She fumbles her coins as the phone runs out of money and almost has a breakdown right there in the phone booth.

So with just one episode left JFK is hovering between life and death and Laura is about to meet Andy Warhol. Tune in next week for the conclusion.

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