Pan Am episode 12 review

First of all I have to mention the fact that the BBC originally planned to show two episodes last night, but for one reason or another decided to just show one. When the announcement was made over the closing credits that there would not be the second episode, well, I was actually a little disappointed.

Anyway, on to the review.

Dean and Colette still aren’t talking over Bridgetgate. (Actually, that’s a good point. Bridget was completely absent from episode 12.) On a flight to Rome Dean gets jealous when he sees Colette being chatted up by a passenger. When the plane lands the Italian police come on board because there are lots of smuggled cigarettes in the hold. Dean is ultimately responsible as he’s captain of the plane. Was there anyone looking suspicious on board? You can practically see the thought bubble appear above Dean’s head with a picture of the chatting up guy in it.

Kate has a new mission. She has to pick to pick the pocket of some Italian guy who is going to give American rocket science to the Russians. There might have been microfilm in a cigarette case or something but I wasn’t really paying attention, distracted as I was by Kate’s hair. Kate was looking yummy in last nights episode.

Maggie is sitting alone at home fondling a JFK election badge (or ‘button’ as they call them in America). Ted’s fiancee comes calling to apologise for the kiss last week. Later Maggie decides to tell Ted that his fiancée appears to ‘like’ ladies. Ted is having none of it.

Laura is snapping photos in New York when a guy says, hey, I know you from those nudie photos in that art gallery. I’m paraphrasing here. Laura is upset and runs to the gallery to discover said nudie photos of her on display. It must be said that as this is a US network drama there is zero nudity in the photos beyond a bit of shoulder. The art gallery owner says he’s got a buyer for the photos but he will sell them to Laura at cost. She needs to find $500. ‘Ted!” everyone shouts at the screen.

Laura goes to Ted but he has to answer a well scripted phone call that will leave Laura alone with Ted’s fiancée. Laura explains why she needs the money and the fiancée writes her a cheque before getting a little embrace-a-girl action. Ted observes the embrace with a look on his face that can only be described as “hey, Maggie was right”.


In Rome Kate manages to get the microfilm from the Italian, while looking continuously yummy. At the same party Colette is dancing with the passenger when Dean strides in with the police. “There is the scoundrel, officers!” he shouts. Well, not exactly, but it’s the impression I got. The police however practically grovel as it turns out the mystery passenger is actually a prince who ran off to have some fun. He invites Colette to be his date at some White House function. Dean realises his mistake and punches the other pilot who he realises is the smuggler.

Laura goes back to the gallery to buy the photos and experiences the adulation of the folk there. Two of them anyway. The gallery owner says the buyer wants to meet her. He’s a local artist. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Andy Warhol. That crashing noise is the sound of clunky dialog smashing on the gallery floor.

Ted discovers that his fiancée wants a fake marriage that will let them both see the people they really want to see. “I’ve seen the way you look at Laura” she purrs. Actually no. Ted was out of the room answering the phone. Never mind.

Suddenly we hear the sound of people being shocked from a hot dog stand. Obviously something has happened. Our characters gather round radios and tv sets because the president has been shot.

Damn! That was foreshadowing when Maggie was fondling the JFK election badge.

Only two more episodes to go. If canceled I may miss you on a Saturday night.