Pan Am episode 11 review

After last weekend’s Pan Am double bill on the BBC it’s just a single bill tonight. The episode is titled ‘Diplomatic Relations’ and mainly concerns itself with a trip to Moscow to test the waters of running a scheduled service between the USA and the USSR.

Dean sits glumly looking out the window after his night of passion with Bridget. One look at his face says ‘regret’. Oh, and he’s lost his cuff link. This will prove to be an Important Plot Point. He and Colette later decide they want to be together.

Meanwhile Ted has an engagement ring for his lady and Maggie is still seeing the senator (or congressman or whatever he is). She is feeling a bit conflicted because she was the inside source that was used in an article that attacked said politician.


Kate, the sister who is a spy, has a mission in Moscow. She had to look in the window of an apartment building to see if a lady agent is still there. (Does the CIA not have someone at the American embassy to do this, or a local who will do it for a few roubles? Apparently not.)

So Kate convinces the Russian hostess lady to take the stewardesses on a tour of Soviet apartment buildings where she is able to confirm that the agent lady resident is still there.

Cue sound of sirens and some obvious KGB types turn up in big black car and arrest Laura and Bridget for taking photos of Soviet apartment building. Is obviously forbidden. They conveniently don’t arrest actual American spy Kate.

Meanwhile back in the USA Ted asks his gal to marry him at a rich folk type party and she accepts. That can’t be right because he liked Laura and in the last episode she was having thoughts about liking Ted. Methinks there must be a plot twist coming…

Maggie is upset at the same party because the congressman (or senator) discovers she was the source for the article that attacked him. Ted’s gal comforts Maggie by kissing her. On the lips.

Lady kissing on the lips. May or may not help the ratings, but there’s your plot twist.

Back in Russia Kate and Colette are gathering up Laura’s and Bridget’s things so the KGB can’t plant spy stuff. Colette finds Dean’s cufflinks in Bridget’s things. This is obviously upsetting.

Kate gets the pilot who isn’t Dean to get a Russian government guy to accept a bribe to release Laura and Bridget. They fly out of Soviet airspace and all is well, except Colette is upset with Dean and runs off, no doubt to crumple up some more tickets to a Beatles concert.

Next week we are back to a double bill and I fully expect there to be repercussions of the lady snogging incident.